Wuhan China was on lock down for 76 days. Cities out side of Wuhan were on lockdown for an average of 16 days. No spread outside of Wuhan? How? What are they doing? And why in our country are states. NY CA OR MI OH.. threatening us with ridiculousness of months of this? Could it
be they are using HCQ? How is the source country of this virus (minus Wuhan) was on lockdown for 16 days? How long has the US been on lockdown? And these states projected lockdown that goes severely over the summer? Think logical you all. This isn’t about a virus. These people
who are bucking the narrative are not stupid. What did we learn this week? That our government agencies and the Democratic Party and past president want to remove our president? That they flat out LIED to try this? Could it be that there is an agenda to stop rally’s? Could it be
that mail in voting? (which has been proven voter fraud) could it protect someone from debates? Y’all seriously. This isn’t a conspiracy anymore. All that pro trumpers have been saying and trump himself has been saying. Turns out to be true! Come on. This isn’t about a virus.
This virus does go away. There is a cure. And there are some very big people in powerful positions that have been working with the media. Time for the wake up call. A week to remember coming up, enjoy the show. #QAnons #WWG1WGA #thinklogically shock means ‘the walls come down’
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