1) This is my #Qanon thread for May 10, 2020

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My Theme: Shadow Presidency
2) Using information gleaned from recently declassified transcripts this post paints a picture of how the Obama administration set up an illegal surveillance operation against Donald Trump.

I'll explain each line in this post to the best of my ability in the tweets that follow.
3) When the Democratic National Committee emails were published by Wikileaks in the summer of 2016, a narrative was developed that they were stolen by Russia.

The forensic evidence available in the public domain refutes the idea that the DNC emails were hacked by Russia.
4) Intelligence community experts determined that it was impossible for Russia to have hacked the DNC emails. The transfer speed could only have been accomplished by a locally connected storage device and the copying was done on the east coast of the U.S.
6) When asked by Sean Hannity, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said the DNC emails did not come from Russia or a state party.
7) Assange implied that Seth Rich was the source of the DNC emails.
9) Shawn Henry, President of Crowdstrike Services, said when his company was contacted to investigate the DNC breach, he was told the system had been "hacked."

This determination was made prior to his company's investigation of the DNC's computer system.
10) Henry said their analysts had "indicators" but no direct evidence that data from the DNC servers was exfiltrated by a Russian actor.
11) When asked about the possibility that the data transfer was done by a local drive transfer instead of over the internet (by a Russian actor), Henry called the idea implausible, but he didn't explain why he thought it was implausible.
12) Henry from Crowdstrike thought a local data transfer of DNC files was implausible.

Because he didn't have direct evidence of a data transfer by Russians, he thought perhaps they took screencaps of the emails instead.

Can't make this stuff up. 🙄
13) According to Mr. Wilson (a representative of the DNC), Crowdstrike did not communicate directly with the DNC.

The DNC contracted with Perkins Coie.
Perkins Coie contracted with Crowdstrike.
Sussman of Perkins Coie advised the DNC based on recommendations from Crowdstrike.
14) Except that here, Henry from Crowstrike said he had frequent communications directly with the DNC.
15) Let's go back to this post and decode the rest of it.
16) Witnesses said under oath they had no evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.
The Steele dossier was the main evidence used in the Mueller investigation. The FBI knew it had been discredited before using it.
Senator McCain gave the dossier an air of legitimacy.
17) The FBI gleaned information from its surveillance of Trump campaign officials. That information was given to James Clapper and placed in the President's Daily Brief.
18) Andrew McCarthy noted that counterintelligence investigations are done to provide information to the President about threats to national security.

The president and his staff are kept informed on investigations through the President's daily brief.

19) "By 2013, Obama’s PDB was making its way to more than 30 recipients..."

And of course, all that illegally obtained information could easily be leaked to the press.


20) FBI leadership, DNI Clapper, CIA Director Brennan, the DNC and White House staff were responsible for the primary operations of #ObamaGate
21) 4 FISA warrants were obtained to target the Trump presidential campaign.
One was obtained to target the campaign of Ted Cruz.

22) The CIA's charter does 't allow for domestic surveillance, so they used FBI assets like Peter Strzok to conduct their surveillance of the Trump campaign.

FBI operations: Crossfire Hurricane, Crosswind, Crossfire Typhoon.
Was there also an operation "Crosswalk?"

23) Or was Q referencing the time the NSA caught Lisa Page and her teammates in the crosswalk in London in December 2015?

24) The FBI, CIA, and foreign intelligence agencies used all their tools to conduct umbrella surveillance of the Trump campaign.
No paper trail was created to implicate U.S. officials.
Because of the unusual nature of the request, it had to be authorized by Obama.

25) The FBI hired (and later fired) Christopher Steele. His information was funneled to the FBI & DOJ through Bruce Ohr.

Opposition research by Steele was organized by Fusion GPS and funded by Perkins Coie.

26) FBI inserted spies into the Trump campaign. James Baker coordinated between FBI & Perkins Coie. FBI's insurance policy was intended to keep Trump out of the White House. So that the FBI could claim they weren't targeting Trump, they targeted people in his sphere of influence.
27) Andrew McCabe and Rod Rosenstein considered having Rosenstein wear a wire and recording Trump to remove him under the 25th amendment.

FBI & DOJ leadership pushed Jeff Sessions to recuse himself, leaving Rosenstein in charge of the Mueller investigation.

28) FBI decided to regain control of the White House by appointing a Special Counsel to investigate Donald Trump.

Rosenstein's scope memo targeted 4 Trump associates.
DOJ & FBI employees were forced to comply.

Rosenstein's trip on AF 1 had a strategic purpose.

30) While this was happening secretly, in public, Hillary, Obama (funded by Soros), the press and Hollywood elites pushed a false narrative of Russian collusion and advocated for globalism and a soft form of socialism.

Antifa was activated to silence pro-Trump voices.
31) Judge Napolitano explained how Obama (allegedly) had British intelligence (GCHQ) spy on the Trump campaign.

32) Why did Obama travel to the same places both before and after Trump's official visits?

F = foreign.

33) Anons created a graphic showing the correlation between Obama and Trump's trips abroad during 2017.

34) What is a "Shadow Presidency?"

35) Q previously asked anons to examine the timeline of actions carried out by Barack Obama from November 2017 until the present and cross-reference them with President Trump's actions.
37) In a January 5, 2017 meeting, the Obama team outlined for Sally Yates and Jim Comey how they were to keep information from the incoming Trump administration, given that they would be the only ones remaining in government positions.


38) As the incoming National Security Adviser, General Flynn would be privy to the details of how the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign. Removing Flynn was their top priority.

39) The FBI kept their investigation of Flynn (Crossfire Razor) open despite having no reason to do so.

Per Bill Priestap, their goal was either to set up a trap to get Flynn to lie or get him fired.


40) Information (and disinformation) was illegally leaked to the press to make Flynn think he was not under investigation, when in fact, he was.


41) A second illegal leak of information was needed before Flynn would be removed from his position as National Security Adviser.
42) With Flynn out of the way, the #Obamagate plotters went to work on neutralizing Jeff Sessions.

Jim Comey kept information about the Russia investigation from Sessions.
He and others leaked information to smear Sessions as a Russian sympathizer and he quickly recused himself
43) With Sessions out of the way, Rod Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller as Special Counsel.

Mueller would keep Trump under continual public suspicion of a crime and give legitimacy to media's false narrative of Russian collusion.

46) Obama has been running a shadow presidency, supported by the deep state.

47) More news about General Flynn and #Obamagate.

It was not David Ignatius who first received reports about General Flynn's calls to Ambassador Kislyak.

Adam Entous received the first tip about the calls.


48) Entous is a news reporter. The calls were not hard news so he didn't do a story on them.

49) David Ignatius wrote an opinion column on the Flynn-Kislyak calls to stir up suspicion that Flynn was involved in questionable discussions with a Russian.

50) An anon posted a screencap of the first tweet in this thread by @Techno_Fog

51) Adam Entous of Washington Post could be abbreviated AEWP.
Those initials were used in the "Palatine's Revenge" game chat log Q posted on April 28th.

This information came from a closed-door congressional hearing.
How is that possible?

52) Q reminded us that the DOJ report on the FBI's handling of the Clinton email investigation found that FBI employees have many contacts with the media that serve no legitimate purpose.
53) Graphic from the IG report showing FBI-media contacts.

55) What happens when the mainstream media [knowingly] report false information to help a politician or political party?
56) How many members of the media are CIA operatives (Farm Born)?
57) "Alsop is one of more than 400 American journalists who in the past twenty‑five years have secretly carried out assignments for the Central Intelligence Agency, according to documents on file at CIA headquarters."

58) When Donald Trump was elected, the CIA lost control of funding and regulations. Their response was to have former agents elected to Congress.
59) In its perfect world, the CIA would have one of its own as President.
But for most of its existence, the agency has settled for controlling the White House by leveraging information against the Chief Executive.
67) Why do you think Democratic governors are pushing for both extended lockdowns and vote by mail?
68) Legal challenge coming?

70) Laura Ingram noted that the influenza pandemic of 1968 killed 100,000 Americans but there was no shutdown.
71) https://twitter.com/IngrahamAngle/status/1258765736207671297
74) Q responded.
75) Corrupt politicians care about 3 things:
and Power
76) https://twitter.com/HillaryClinton/status/1258869801860182019
77) How is it that China, where Covid-19 originated, was only on lockdown for an average of 16 days while the U.S has been on lockdown for almost 2 months with some states forecasting lockdowns extending into the fall?
80) Is it a coincidence that the first U.S citizen with Covid 19 came into the country on January 15th, which was the same day impeachment articles were delivered to the Senate and the same day China signed the trade agreement?
81) @Mrtdogg was Q'd for this video.
82) https://twitter.com/Mrtdogg/status/1258739295172677632
84) Q reposted this drop from the 9th.
85) This message was originally posted 2 years ago.

A week to remember.
Buckle up, patriots.
89) Barack Obama recorded and then leaked to one of his pals in the media a discussion he had with former staffers about the DOJ decision to drop its prosecution of General Flynn. https://news.yahoo.com/obama-irule-of-law-michael-flynn-case-014121045.html
91) Q posted a link to more declassified transcripts of congressional testimony.
Some of these transcripts were previously released but there are new ones that pertain to the House impeachment investigation.
92) Transcripts above Christopher Wiley (inclusive) were previously released.

Some of the links to not work. :/

93) Q is the leader of an open-source intelligence operation.
He provides guidance while we conduct research.
94) Q did not provide context or clarification for this post but I believe it indicates that important information inserted in the page to the transcripts was removed.
95) Not to worry. At some point, that information will be released.
96) Professor Jonathan Turley pointed out that Barack Obama was incorrect when he said General Flynn was charged with perjury.
98) Q responded.

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