The problem is not Ertugrul.If we can watch PeakyBlinders,WW2 in Colors,Rome or Vikings,no harm in watching Ertugrul.

What is harmful though is the officialdom promoting it in a country that has a troubled history of forcing fabricated historiography & foreign historical symbols
Lay it off. It is not sarkar's business telling people what tv shows to watch. In the middle of a corona crisis.

But if you really want to do it, how about you begin by promoting indigenous historical figures and events.

And Bin Qasim and Babar are not really indigenous.
It is bad enough that indigenous historical figures are erased from history books to make room for invaders from Arabia and Central Asia. The last thing you want to do is add Ottomans to the mix.
But I can see the appeal of something like Ertugrul to the comfortable neo-Islamized middle class of urban Pakistan,who have given up their vernaculars,their Pashto, Punjabi,Sindhi,for Urdu and their indigenous folk cultural heritage for real & imagined global Islamized identity.
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