✨A Thread Of 4th Generation Kpop It Boys✨
The Boyz - Kim Sunwoo

4th gen started in 2018 but tbz debuted late 2017 so they 4th gen asf <33

Ateez - Choi San

Do I need to say more? No I don’t.
Stray Kids - Hwang Hyunjin

Put some respect on his name.
CIX - Kim Seunghun

Whoever doesn’t stan CIX, needs to FIX it.
AB6IX - Kim Donghyun

Oneus - Yeo Hwangwoong

Singing, rapping, dancing, HE GOT IT ALL.
Cravity - Park Serim

I am simping TODAY.
Verivery - Yoo Kangmin

Your oppars are in love with him, don’t believe me? Watch rtk >>>
Onlyoneof - Lee Taeyeob aka Yoojung

Ik y’all follow ooo on tiktok but make sure to follow them on twt and support their comeback soon. @OnlyOneOf_twt
X1/H&D - Lee Hangyul

Self explanatory.
MCND - No Huijun

His dancing & his Vocals >>> y’all sleeping on him.
DKB - Jung Sungmin aka Lune

Y’all can stay mad @ their covers but they’re coming back soon and I already know y’all gonna tune in, so thanks for the views in advance <33 &&& LOOK @ LUNE VISUALS.
1team - Moon Jehyun

Stan them for clear skin.
TOO - Cho Chanhyuk

Yes, I am pushing the Chanhyuk it boy agenda but I am correct! Chanhyuk it boy! PERRY@
TXT - Choi Yeonjun

Now,,,I know y’all was getting mad goin through this thread and not seeing Yeonjun BUT THIS THREAD WOULDN’T BE COMPLETE WITHOUT HIM.
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