I get that people still use the terms "aspie" & "aspergers" because of old diagnoses & because it's still a diagnosis in some countries.

For y'all who still insist on using the term, be aware of how much truama that can carry for other autistics.

Aspie supremacy is still a prob
There are *still* "Aspie only" events that are supported.

There are still conversations within the autistic community about being a superior form of human.

There are still conversations within the autistic community that put down furtherly disabled autistics.
Heck, there are still folk who get upset at acknowledging that autism fits within being Intellectually/Developmentally Disabled because they don't want to identify themselves with other I/DD folk.

Then there's how passing is still valued, & those who can't can get mocked.
I legit pre contextualized this post with

"Hey, I understand why people still do the thing."

before I said

"Be mindful of how others experience this term."

But folk still hopping on this thread upset about supposedly being told how to identify.

If that's you. Reflect.
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