if you can genuinely consider yourself (as a leftist) a friend of republicans/conservatives.. pls take a moment to consider the following things
-leftists stand for equality of race, sex, gender, sexuality
-leftists want change in racist, sexist, etc society structures
conservatives generally don’t. if you’re friends with a conservative who 100% supports equality, and wants to pass legislation to fix oppression and so on, that is okay.. but not the ideal person you would want to associate yourself with. capitalism is inherently racist..
and if a conservative believes in equality AND capitalism, they’re still not morally correct. it’s hard to befriend someone and associate yourself with someone who is fighting against these marginalized groups (conservatives). it’s privileged to consider yourself....
friends with a person (conservatives/capitalists/right wingers) that doesn’t fight for marginalized groups as a leftist. you are a hypocrite to say that you’re friends with a racist and then consider yourself a leftist who fights for marginalized groups.
and i would like to end this thread by saying yes, i am white. and that’s why i don’t make friends with conservatives & people who’s politics contradict my beliefs as a leftist.
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