MMoM NSFW Headcanon Edition

Day Ten


( owo ShoSa callback? A/B/O ahead of our favorite Three )

Eijiro has two mates. It happens, not all the time mind you, but it certainly happens. It's nothing special, but also it's /everything/ special.

He's in love.
He's an Alpha who loves an Omega, and that's normal, but he's also an Alpha in love with /another/ Alpha. And that's...

Well, people don't really like that.

He's not sure why, because he was with Katsuki first, but people get really pissed when they find that out.
He and Katsuki got together in the softest way, which will always be Eijiro's favorite memory. He needed Katsuki, his life had revolved around him since the day they'd met. There isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't marvel at how lucky he is to be in love and loved by him.
Katsuki is nothing like an Alpha and yet he's everything like an Alpha. He's loud, rules the room, rules the Pack Eijiro started and gladly handed over, rules his heart.

Rules the bedroom.

Look, Eijiro knows people view him a certain way. He's big, powerful, strong.
But he also loves to kneel, to bend, to kiss any inch of Katsuki that he wants him to. People assume he's in charge because he's a little bit bigger than Katsuki, because he's got a quirk that could pin him down, but it doesn't... work like that.
Before Shouto, Katsuki was just... Eijiro listened and did whatever he could to please him. Sometimes he wanted to be in charge, sure, but those days were rare. He loved having Katsuki fuck him, spank him, pull his hair, mark him up and hold him right on the edge.
Loved the way Katsuki would lay Eijiro over their breakfast table and lazily finger him on one hand and read the paper with the other.

It was perfect.

And then Shouto showed up in Eijiro's dreams, and Eijiro pointed him out to Katsuki, and it got /more/ perfect.
Shouto's an Omega, but he's /nothing/ like an Omega. Except maybe during heat, but heats don't count. Do they?

Shouto's got a power and quirk so strong he and Katsuki are always battling for spots in rank. Even after he comes out publicly as an Omega, his fans love him.
He slips into their lives during a heatshare and one of Eijiro's ruts, and...

Listen, fucking Katsuki and getting fucked by Katsuki is great.

Fucking Shouto? Cool, great.

But fucking Shouto /with/ Katsuki?

Heaven, pure bliss, the perfect dessert, best orgasm every time.
And the /after/ of fucking him? Holy shit! He'd never expected that.

Shouto cuddles into him or wraps around Katsuki like a barnacle. He makes them coffee just the way they like it. He kisses them and does the laundry. He makes them snacks for work and teases Katsuki.
Shouto will ride Katsuki's dick while he leans over to kiss Eijiro deep, and after sex he'll help Eijiro with his paperwork for his Hero office.

He doesn't demand anything from them, just creeps in and asks if this is alright.

Like they'd want him with anyone else.
Katsuki eats Shouto out at least three times a week, and Eijiro smiles and goes back to playing video games, sans the mic cause Katsuki likes to make Shouto scream.

He'll sink his cock into Shouto on sleepy nights while Katsuki kisses along his spine and fall asleep knotted.
He'll let Katsuki fuck him, or fuck Katsuki, and Shouto will walk in and ask if there are any dishes in the bedroom that need to be washed. Which always makes Katsuki laugh.

It's wonderful, and comfortable, and... fuck he's so in love? Eijiro is mated to an Alpha and an Omega.
And he falls asleep with both of them in his arms every night.

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