Here's the thing right. Govt policy is now - more than ever - being written by 'libertarian', free market thinktanks. Google various newspaper profiles of Johnson's team written after the election. Cummings is the lightning rod, but there's loads of others working for the PM..
So we shouldn't be surprised that throughout this crisis, their response has been 'let the market & individuals self-organise'. Basically, trust in individuals to abide by vague guidelines, let private companies provide the means to fight this (see: Dyson ventilators etc)...
Johnson speech doubles down on that - VERY intentional. 'Go to work if you want but you know the risks'. Nothing specific. You have to question whether the govt is comfortable with more deaths and *why*. Stats wont bother them because they can be massaged, as we saw.
It's completely and utterly unlike anything we've seen in modern times, and it will get worse. Everyone was warned.
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