This is the second time Johnson mentions the 500,000 figure, as a metric of what a ‘success’ tens of thousands of deaths represents.

This figure is from National Security report to gov’t, leaked on 26/2. That was two weeks before Cheltenham and almost a month before a lockdown.
Which begs the question, if they thought that was a realistic possible outcome at the time, why did they do nothing for a month?
That’s the thing with a gov’t perfectly happy to invent figures - £350m to the NHS, 40 hospitals, 50,000 nurses. All lies. All were rewarded. Why stop when it comes to dead people? However many die, a figure ten-times higher will be invented to show how splendidly they’ve done.
In the next few weeks watch for when the gov’t start counting backwards backwards from “worst scenario” figures. You mark the date, time and my words: if the estimates of dead get worse, this 500k will become gospel and they will start telling us “we have saved 430,000 lives”.
Anyway. Four tweets is testing the current limits of my health at the moment and is definitely more than these tosspots deserve. Back to bed for me.
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