so i've been studying after effects (again) with youtube videos and I just wanted to share with you guys the top 7 videos that I always go to for CB animations? For those new to animating, make sure to watch those videos IN ORDER

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1. the basic AND MOST HANDY tutorial to familiarize yourself with After Effects. Make sure to look carefully at menu layouts and shortcuts

2. Without this video I would not know what keyframes were. Make sure to (at least) watch from the middle of the video (bc the first bits are mostly covered in the previous video)

3. Camera techniques. This is pretty complicated at first, but just try to listen carefully and take notes of what the video does

4. Basically a culmination of all of the videos above. It's not dubbed in English, but subtitles are there as well. Really great if you want to revise on chorus animating

5. Pretty useless if you don't have magic bullet looks, but if you do, then this is a must-watch video to get a sense of what this amazing plugin does

6. Some of the plugins here are a MUST HAVE if you want to speed up your work (which is important in tight CB schedules), and others have really nice presets :D

7. Lastly, Typography plugins that you might want to check out for really cool typography
I myself is NOT AN EXPERT in animation, and there are so many videos out there that are amazing and super helpful!! These are just my top picks personally, and if you have other videos that you might recommend, then feel free to hmu!!!
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