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Very limited lifting of England's lockdown as per UK PM Boris Johnson's statement just broadcast - some key points

- at unspecified date, there will be a quarantine on all people arriving into UK by air (unspecified duration at this point)
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- From tomorrow May 11th those who can't work from home eg. construction workers are encouraged to go back to work

- they're asked to avoid public transport
#coronavirusuk #covid19
- schools COULD reopen from June 1st, depending on meeting UK gov's 5 coronavirus tests (I'll add these in a sec)
- will be phased reopening
- Reception year (youngest pupils), Year 1 (second-youngest), Year 6 would be first to go back
#coronavirusuk #COVID19
- from this Wednesday May 13th, all in England being
encouraged to take "unlimited outdoor exercise", go in parks etc.

- "You must obey rules on social distancing".
Boris Johnson says will increase fines on those who break the rules
- from July "at the earliest and subject to all conditions and further scientific advice", PM Johnson says hopes to reopen "at least some of hospitality industry and other public places" if they're safe and enforce social distancing
6/ those "5 tests"

- ensure the National Health Service (NHS) can cope
- sustained & consistent fall in daily death rate
- rate of infection falling to "manageable levels"
- enough test capacity + PPE
- "be confident any changes to measures won't risk a 2nd peak" #coronavirusuk
- UK PM Boris Johnson announces new "Covid alert system", with levels 1-5. Based on infection rate "R"

- level 1 = disease no longer present in UK
- level 5 = most critical, National Health Service overwhelmed

- says UK currently level 4
- aim is to move in steps to level 3
8/ reminder that the above relates to *England* specifically, as various powers, inc public health are devolved in the UK.

you can watch the full statement from Boris Johnson here:

#coronavirusuk #COVID19
9/ very little change in *Scotland* -people will be allowed outside to exercise more than once a day as of tomorrow May 11th, but little other change, as per First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's latest announcements - here:

#CoronavirusScotland #coronavirusuk
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