if ur into astrology, meyers briggs, enneagrams and numerology it might do u well to wonder why u need so many external sources to validate ur identity
those things certainly helped me identify parts of my personality and self i ignored but im still me. like i’m a human being not a gemini sun aquarius moon libra rising intp-t 5w6 life path 11
N E WAYYYYY i just think a lot of people could benefit from reflecting on why they’re so attracted to these things and why u so easily exchange your self for a label someone else created and identified u as a part of
personally, i was very attracted to these things because i felt like my genuine self was often unacknowledged and misunderstood, and it felt good to find a label that fit. felt very validating.
also 2 clarify i meant into ALL of those things. like do u really need EVERY label? why?
can y’all fucking read? the point wasn’t « astrology isn’t real » and don’t fuckin come for me about astrology because i dead know more than most of u bitches i’m SAYING that SOME OF U are TOO INVESTED in MULTIPLE ABSTRACT LABELS
don’t try to compare this shit to things like race, gender etc. if u rly can’t see the difference between liking a label generated by an online quiz and the real world consequences of being black, trans, gay, etc then i don’t know what to tell u besides maybe never reproduce
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