Quick trip to grab food for family. First time to the grocery store in over two weeks.

Midway through my shopping list, I look up and it dawns on me:

I'm the only guy here wearing a mask.
Every woman has one, but none of the men.

Customers, staff, security.
You fucking fools.
Elderly men shopping with their wives. No mask.

So insane.

Do you think the microscopic virus gives a damn about your macho stance?

Your family, friends and fellow citizens aren't worth the added respect and safety you could provide?
At the very end, as I'm heading through the checkout, I finally see one other guy walk in wearing a mask.

He looks around at this crazy horseshit and sighs.

I was right there with him.
Do you feel unmanly wearing a mask when you're doing renovations and dust is flying everywhere?

No. The need for safety is obvious.

This should be obvious too.

Just imagine you're wielding power tools or some shit. Use your imagination, guys.
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