Been doing some searching and I thought I’d share them with you. Who knows if they’re connected but I’ll share them anyways.

So Bill Gates in the past has said that a deadly future pandemic would be like a new type of “Military weapon”. And he’s known to have predicted the virus
In 2019 Wuhan held the 7th World Military Games. Hundreds of nations participated over a few weeks.
Is it ironic that Gates describes the virus as a “military weapon” and the origin of this virus (Wuhan) held a military games a few weeks before the outbreak.
Could this military games have been the reason the virus spread so quickly around the world. Hundreds of nations took part. It was also the first time 5G technology was used for the TV and VR systems during the games.
The Wuhan Military games mascot was announced as “BingBing”
The phrase has many different meanings. But a few caught my eye, in English it can mean “a solitary confinement, prison cell” could that be suggesting a quarantine.
But the one that caught my eye is that “BingBing” in mandarin can mean “ill” or “seriously ill”. It also has other meanings in different contexts but in the context of Wuhan and the virus it seemed ironic to say the least !!
Finally, a couple of weeks after the Wuhan military games. Bill Gates visited China to meet President Xi Jinping’s wife who is as described in this photo “a goodwill ambassador to the WHO”

All these things may not be linked or mean anything but it sure is interesting.
Let me know what you guys think. Like and retweet so I can see what you all think.

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