I just saw someone post something in the lines of "if you consume Indian content then you have no right to say 'back off India' because you paid for the road in limpiadhura. And the argument that 'art is art' is invalid because art helped pay for the read" (thread)
First of all, I don't like how "BACKOFF*ANYTHING*" is used because what the fuck is that gonna solve?
Coming back to the point, I think the argument is hateful and creates more unnecessary division and hate. (Thread)
Nepal and India share 90 percent of their culture and hence, their "art" is very relatable to us. And since Nepali movies/music scene is small, and a smaller subset of that is actually good, we gravitate towards indian content Because it's relatable and enjoyable. (Thread)
And I don't see anything wrong with that. Anyone who tries to dis-encourage people from consuming Bollywood is subtly creating division in the fabrics of our society and I don't think that that's okay. (End of thread)
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