Thread. Extract of my recent discussion with @NBCNews on #mentalhealth & covid. Key bits:

-Give yourself permission to feel a little anxious right now

-Remember those feelings are completely normal & shared by many

-Don’t bottle it up! Share worries with GP/friends/family

Let’s start by giving ourselves permission..

-To admit that we're human beings
-To admit that this whole thing is anxiety provoking
-To admit that we're all worried about something
-To admit that some/most of the time we're not ok with things - and that's ok!


It’s normal...

...if you miss how things were, the family & friends you saw (or didn't!), or the fact that you COULD go out even if you just wanted to stay in & watch Netflix anyway!

Many of us are feeling the same...


It’s ok to not be ok.

Let's share that message.

Let's reach out to friends, family or professionals to share concerns & hear theirs.

Share this or tag anyone you feel needs to hear it.

We may be in different boats, but we’re all in the same storm.


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