“When Rick Perry was Governor of Texas he took money from the paychecks of blue collar workers & turned it into millions in welfare grants for companies like Lockheed Martin, Texas Instruments & Hewlett-Packard. “
“Not long thereafter Texas was already running out of money to pay for unemployment claims – including those laid off by companies receiving grants from the Texas Enterprise Fund i.e Lockheed Martin, Texas Instruments & Hewlett-Packard. “
“Perry, who famously refused Obama’s stimulus money & blasted the administration for reckless borrowing & creating “zero jobs,” greenlighted 2 gigantic stimulus programs of his own.”
“ Both the $200 million Emerging Technology Fund & the $363 million Texas Enterprise Fund
were little more than crude vehicles for repaying campaign donors with state aid.”
“The state had also given millions in handouts through the Texas Film Commission, paying for TV commercials for Fortune 500 firms like Walmart.”
“One of the most treasonous of Perry’s deals of all came when he tried to do a favor for his political hero former TX Senator Phil Gramm. Gramm had left his role in the legislature to take a position at the Swiss Bank UBS . “
“Former TX Senator Phill Gramm came to Perry’s administration with a proposal that would allow the bank to take out life insurance policies on retired Texas teachers.”
“Under the deal, UBS would collect on the policies of the teachers when they died, and reward the state with a small cut for arranging the wagers”.
SO MUCH WEALTH BUILT FROM SHADY LIFE INSURANCE SCHEMES. We are talking about generational wealth for the entire GOP . Profits made off teachers lives was one scam . Taking out policies on strangers to cash in upon notice of the strangers death ..without notifying families
Big corporations like Walmart taking policies out on their unknowing employees ..
I’m pretty sure managing an apartment complex is a job requiring great organization, good communication skills, perfect accounting habits, forethought & knowledge of upcoming scenarios that may arise either from accidents, ACTS of GOD, weather, pests, or crime
Now imagine what managing a nursing home, School, post office , or hospital. Anyone of these institutions listed demands a 24 hour contingency plan that’s already been gamed out for any & everything that could possibly arise. Seems like a given that would be the case .
Now imagine a beauty pageant, talent show or a wrestling event.. How about a photo shoot ?
I work as a wardrobe supervisor & photo stylist .Photographers , stylists ,makeup artists are often collaborating for weeks, pouring over mood boards, brainstorming out loud w/each other
Now IMAGINE you are PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. YOUR JOB IS TO GOVERN THE PEOPLE. You’re warned that an unknown killer virus reeking havoc worldwide is guaranteed to arrive. What do you do ? Just Blow it off ? GTFOH .
That’s not even a plausible response.

Wake the FUQQ up
We’ve all been far too generous here. NOBODY ACCIDENTALLY botches up a pandemic response like this unless that was the goal from the beginning
Trump’s bankruptcies and failed businesses are not the bug . Failed businesses HAVE ALWAYS been the feature .They claim losses and somehow make a profit . Trump sued the manufacturer of the helicopter that crashed and killed his business partners .
It’s a pathology of a lot of Republicans . They confuse exploiting people with having empathy for people . Transactional everything . How can the scenario be gamed ? Here’s an idea!
Life insurance Policies ?
They did that 20 years ago already ..🤔
Ever hear of Tom Hicks ? How about his son Tommy Hicks Jr? They had a little company called Life Partners, Inc.
It was a Waco-based firm that pioneered the practice of purchasing life insurance policies
“We were mainly in the AIDS market .”
Back to Tommy Hicks Jr
https://twitter.com/b52malmet/status/1257424127440420865?s=21 https://twitter.com/B52Malmet/status/1257424127440420865
Tommy Hicks is also the Co-chair of the Republican National Committee.
Trump surrounds himself with insurance ghouls who don’t want you to know they were even involved in that type of insurance work . When you’re aware of that , Trump’s pandemic response makes total & complete sense in a mob grifter ghoul type of way. Very on brand
I can’t help but suspect that the massive incompetence is intentional. History has proved as much to me about Donald Trump after 9/11 .
He's among titans who got 9-11 funds set for small biz https://www.nydailynews.com/archives/news/feds-gave-donald-quick-bundle-titans-9-11-funds-set-small-biz-article-1.558429
How does the GOP explain this at all? This is some type of evil algorithm they are working from

The Moment Ohio's Governor Became One of the Worst Governors Ever via @YouTube
Intersecting U.S. Epidemics: COVID-19 and Lack of Health Insurance | Ann Intern Med | ACP | https://annals.org/aim/fullarticle/2764415/intersecting-u-s-epidemics-covid-19-lack-health-insurance#.Xri9FqEyEzY.twitter
Using Federal Reinsurance To Address The Health Care Financial Consequences Of COVID-19 | Health Affairs https://www.healthaffairs.org/do/10.1377/hblog20200401.505998/full/#.Xri90HCTFK8.twitter
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