Early morning Q post 4196

Q outlines the structure of the shadow government and how they attempted to derail the Trump presidency and attempted to prevent The declass from taking place through various plants.

Hussein and Kerry flew into the same countries @potus visited to
attempt to reverse @potus policies. Kerry told Iran to stick with the agreement and that @potus would not be in power too much longer.

Kerry also flew into other places and met with other individuals (classified for now) about matters likely pertaining to the coup against
@potus. McMaster was a deep state plant as Nat Sec Advisor and he fired loyal intel analysts such as Ezra Watnick Cohen who Q told us about (sr intel analyst who worked under Flynn at DIA). Kushner and Bannon advised @potus not to fire Watnick
even though McMaster ousted him. @potus brought him back but he is now with AG Barr. In a nutshell this was all done to oppose @potus, attempt a coup, delay declass as long as possible and ultimately to delay congressional investigations into FISA abuse as wells as kill DOJ
prosecution of perpetrators involved in FISA abuse. These plants and traitors one goal was to delay until covid 19 could be released in US by China in mid January.
What we witnessed was the biggest scandal and insurgency to unseat President Trump in our history. There are several foreign and domestic individuals and entities that engaged in this operation. The identity of these individuals is classified for the time being.
Classified one through 99 likely represents the various indictments that are sealed against various people. Summer foreign summer domestic. Within each indictment there are also various criminal charges against those individuals. By identifying a few individuals such as
Soros masters chef Pelosi etc. Q is giving us a little information on who will be indicted and prosecuted. What were they protecting? Who are they protecting? They were ultimately protecting the billionaire elite bloodlines and protecting their power.
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