HELLO EVERYONE! It’s time to play a game. You’ll vote on the polls I post and eventually we’ll have built a whole school full of famous teachers. I realised that all of the celebrities are British/Irish so if you don’t know who they are, just click results! Time to play!
First up, Maths! But who should be the teacher? One of the Countdown ladies, or are we going for former maths teacher turned comedian? Get your votes in!
Next we have Food Tech. But who’s cooking up a storm in this school?
It’s time for drama class! But who’s gonna be leading this lesson?
It’s time for PE! This class will be split into different sports, it’s all about variety of choice round here!
Ding ding ding, it’s time for boxing! (Scrap the only British/Irish people thing cos it’s going out of the window here & probably will further on). Who do you want to get in the ring with to teach you some moves?!
It’s time for wheelchair racing! Who’s coaching you?
I don’t like PE so there are no more sport options and at this school if you’re not happy with any of the above, you simply do not take part. No forced exercise here!! Let’s move on to our next class...
It’s time for physics! Who’s teaching?
It’s time for art! Who are you getting your pritt-stick out for?
History let’s go! Not the first people you’d think of in relation to history, but I’ve done my research and these people have history degrees.
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