THREAD: The viral "Plandemic" video has so many conspiracy theories piled on top of each other, I couldn't tell the main point. So I called the guy who I assumed could tell me: the filmmaker himself, Mikki Willis. His response says a lot about what we choose to believe. 1/5
I took a stab at what appeared to be his thesis. I asked him: “Are you saying that powerful people planned the pandemic and made it happen so they could get rich by making everyone get vaccines?” 2/5
It turns out Willis isn’t sure either. “We’re in the exploratory phase,” he told me. “I don’t know, to be clear, if it’s an intentional or naturally occurring situation. I have no idea.” 3/5
So many of my friends were buying into the film, which offers a menu of conspiracy theories, I investigated it for @ProPublica. I had assumed the guy who made the film would at least know his point. I was wrong. 4/5
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