A brief explanation of the rebellion you are seeing this week.
We have a narrative that our elected leaders are brilliant. They are not. Most of them are idiots. In neoliberalism governance comes from manuals developed by consultants or computer simulations not creativity.
Computer predictions can only run simulations with so many degrees of freedom from the norm, the expected. Each “step away” is called a sigma.
A computer simulation can only calculate so many sigmas.
At the time before the housing crash it was 26 sigmas.
As Taleb explains in the Black Swan, what really changes things for humans are unexpected and rare events so far off the standard deviation, they really cannot be predicted. This is how a hedge is made in investing, a bet that thing is going to happen.
Every person has a certain degree of risk tolerance. The less risk adversity a person has, the more a person seems to have the ability to predict, not with exactness but a hunch, that a Black Swan event is going to happen. Part of mental illness is no risk adversity.
Politicians are very risk adverse people. They have usually ended up in politics because they wanted money and power but were not willing to take risks. Risks involve taking a certain amount of losses to get a win. Like a sports team, a person does not talk about their losses.
How does this apply to the pandemic? Well the model said, a model developed by the Rand Corp. and IBM, is if every government around the globe gets every person on the earth to act the same way at the same time, the pathogen will be contained.
No account for randomness.
A motherfucking child would not believe that was possible. Somehow, governmental officials do. See, our elected officials today do not make decisions like an investor or an artist, with a notion and maybe testing that notion, sketching it out for themselves in thumbnails...
How do governmental officials make decisions in neoliberalism?
Consultants! Like Booz Allen Hamilton.
Mostly Booz. I used to work here. Best job ever.
What does Booz pay people to do? Come up with wacky ideas all day and then implement them through technology that allows an organization to execute the wacky idea they thought was the coolest.
The place seems really conservative but a lot of artists work here.
See, neoliberalism is based on the idea that government is a failure, it can’t control things. Hence all decision making is given up to the private sector and elected officials just carry out whatever idea they got from the consultants. That is, up until Trump.
Trump is a direct reaction to neoliberalism. His idea is “fuck that shit, I will make the decision.” That’s why he seems random and is often thinking aloud and switches gears. Both Bernie Sanders and AOC are similar, they reject this idea of consultants making decisions.
I do as well because I have been behind the curtain. It’s a motherfucking adult preschool. Play is what helps anyone, adult or child, create things. However, the idea that everyone is acting with one intent is a lie. It’s the money and the freedom. Boy is the money good.
All the ideas are collected as data which is why Booz hires consultants. They may have 100 people working on the same thing. I made apps or web based training, clickable steps so a federal office or the military could carry things out.
Now you have 100 different people who don’t know each other making a different version of a solution. Then Booz can test all those solutions and calculate the one with the best outcome but in an office not in the real world.
The CIA is a central hub for intelligence on things, not all military related. A lot of the intelligence gathering is super mundane stuff to create uniform information for governments and global corporations. Like, how much corn people are around the world.
The idea of the CIA and this synergy with multinationals came after the chaos of World War 2 and in the midst of Communist revolutions.
Government had failed. A new order would rise that gave full faith to the market and also data or what I call “oh computer.”
The criticism of “oh computer” is at the center of 2001 A Space Oddity. The primates in front of the monolith. The monolith being this mysterious centralization or later, HAL, who takes things over.
Kubrick was a huge critic of neoliberalism and the ideas coming out of it as well as the experiments with things in the counterculture. LSD was released into the counterculture literally as a live experiment to see how people reacted. This was a precursor to psychiatric drugs
Alex in A Clockwork Orange was, subtly, taking a drug that was a precursor to Adrenal. Charles Manson actually took it too. The CIA was experimenting with making someone who could kill on command. Alex and his conditioning and reconditioning is a critique of that madness.
You can’t make someone who kills on command because people are not computers. You can’t wire brains uniformly as the human brain is a computer beyond the comprehension of a humans ability to create a replica in a computer because our synapses connect in jumps.
Understand that the government also contracts with itself in neoliberalism so the military contracts with the CIA. The military is the biggest contractor with the government and private sector and therefore, makes too many decisions.
Often, at Booz Allen or RAND, a military soliton will be applied to a nonmilitary solution such as the pandemic lockdown. The scenario for it is the release of a weaponized bioagent not a naturally evolving virus. Hence, that’s why it feels fascist, menacing.
But you know who loves being told what to do? People who were spoiled children who have the minds of a baby looking for a blanket and mommy and daddy in the chaos. That’s why some people are screaming for more.
There is no conspiracy. If you think this thread was some random ideas, so far, it is. All consulting consists of is random ideas. That’s why it feels like utter chaos, not normal or controlled chaos, the chaos of Alex in Clockwork Orange or Manson. Cause it is that nuts.
People don’t work like a computer database. That’s how the neoliberal machine predicts we will act.
It’s also an old prediction model. There is a new one...you’re spending a lot of time with it...
Video games with interconnected players!
Everything you do in Animal Crossing is for a better prediction model. Other games as well. Halo for the military. This is not a conspiracy it’s just a company selling data cause businesses and the government pay money for it.
It feels like a conspiracy because a normal adult does not like to be controlled. It’s not that we aren’t being controlled it’s that we aren’t being told or rather, not in clear terms. The privacy statement tells you how the data is being used.
The system is not using data to control, per se, it’s using it to predict. Then, the ides is all this data can control negative outcomes. It’s an absolutely false idea that only a rich person with a very controlled life could think was true.
This groundbreaking book has some really scary information about a mind that has no life experience, all risks mitigated by parents and environment but lots of book learning, like the people in the credentialed class.
It’s one of those books that “they” don’t want you to read
Here is one of the major places that creates data on the childhood brain used in consulting.
A lot of the studies are on orphans or adoptive kids who are considered “not the norm.”
It’s not supposed to be creepy but it is. https://childemotion.waisman.wisc.edu/ 
The neoliberal idea of running things is that the government funds decentralized research in the private sector and then, feeds it back and its sorted in a centralized fashion to allegedly make sense of things to control chaos.
Chaos is seen as a bad word because of how it has been applied mostly to disasters.
It’s an especially bad word to someone who is wealthy and grew up in a very controlled environment, ie Private School, a world with little risk.
Most of us grew up with chaotic childhoods. They were muddy, time was open and there was lots of risks like climbing trees. This is especially true for the working class cause parents are working various hours, shifts.
This is different for the upper class, with the luxury of the mom at home, what emerged for this strata of society was parenting by management, how to raise a child or rather, how to do some shit human primates have been doing instinctively for millennia.
Have you ever spanked your kid or your dog without thinking when it ran in the street and you were scared the thing you loved was gonna get killed? That’s instinct. The spanking is supposed to be a lighter version of getting hit by a car. The whole cycle is instinct.
Neoliberal management models don’t like instinct. All instincts are bad. Well, what was the model? FYI this guy with Manson was one of his CIA “handlers.” Manson is one of the datasets for instinct even though he’s a criminal not a normal person.
This is the book that talks about - not conspiracy - how Manson and his family were a managed experiment involving chemicals, drugs including LSD and the precursor to ADHD drugs, which every mass shooter has been taking.
Pro-tip: people under the age of 18 should not be taking psychiatric drugs. It’s not safe but in the neoliberal model emotions need to be managed. This debate is very old, since the 60s, rhe dawn of neoliberal thought.
Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones also critiqued a lot of this stuff in his songs which observed the desire for control of people after World War II our of the collective trauma.
Here’s a fun video about the Brian Jones Murder theory, the idea the CIA killed off the observers in the counterculture to leave just participants.
My friend Sandra who was married to Wayne Gabriel of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s band insists John Lennon was assassinated by the CIA because he was going to become a full time peace activist. I tend to think we want rational reasons for chaotic events. https://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/video/dec-1980-john-lennon-killed-51615582
We idolize the 60s because we think of it as the last free time without control of populations. Chaos by Tom ONeil is about the CIA - and Rand and IBM - saw the freedom and gathering as a way to carry out experiments on human subjects. Also figure out what spirituality was.
The last free time was actually the 80s. We are going into the next because normal people do not want to feel controlled. We are inclined to like the chaos, if we are not spoiled or sheltered, because we are conditioned to THRIVE in normal chaos.
But the credentialed elite who want us to stay “safe” are the product of over parenting. So we are seeing a conflict that is positioned as political not attitudinal. What’s your attitude about the coronavirus? Indifferent? Scared? Sick humor? https://www.npr.org/sections/ed/2018/07/24/628042168/the-over-parenting-crisis-in-school-and-at-home
My attitude is its a Ministry of Silly Walks. Do some reading on neoliberalism and creating centralized control with the decentralization of the markets then watch Monty Python. You’ll see the critique in the seemingly silly humor.
Neoliberal politicians don’t want you to have an attitude! They want you to BELIEVE THE DATA! The Data says danger! Danger!
All pop culture comes from the counterculture so that’s why you see little things popping up. Most of them are inside jokes between people from so called elite schools who learned about the theories that drive the world and reject the notions of uniformity in theory.
The Onion as we know it came out of a “Maoist Putsch” at a UW Madison student newspaper run by those three women. That’s why you see so many jokes about the new left in the Onion.
Of course, all the Maoists are now total whores of the system.
I was influenced by counter culture since I was a kid and always sort of found my way in front of those people especially in Madison. As a mixed race person I see the world as a bunch of constructs, theater sets in which we all act out a narrative to receive applause.
This is a very detached way of looking at things and also, I am not very invested in the idea that I was “smart” enough to be in front of open doors to various elite institutions. I don’t have great self esteem on purpose. Why?
I have been around people with huge egos and who think they have great destinies and in college, I also worked with schizophrenics. I find a very thin line between people who want to be elite to “do good” change the world and schizophrenics.
When I worked in DC, here, at Congressional Quarterly I called DC the open air inpatient ward.
I got in trouble a lot here for cracking jokes about things like a story about a dude suing Hillary Clinton with his own money to not be Secretary of State. How is that not funny?
We all construct realities that are relative. I’m a nihilist I just know how the brain works and that a big part of the brain is making up lies to oneself.
Neoliberalism is the attempt to project those lies. This is the book about that. Watch The Matrix, neo has this book.
The reason you see these references in Hollywood is it’s a business made up of artists who tend to all go to elite universities but find a lot of theory interesting but laughable. Many of our cohorts buy in cause it’s buys a nice life.
References to things in Hollywood films is like passing an intellectual joint, take a hit of this, man, it’ll freak you out.
Neoliberalism does not want you to freak out! Stay safe!
. We also don’t like that it’s not in the mainstream education system so it’s like
This is long but my point is, that what we are in is partially true, partially BS but if you don’t tell people that they think they are part of some game simulation and feel controlled. Like when you are a kid and the popular kids pretend to be your friend to then be mean.
Also, I have a real problem with an education system that has strata and only certain people should “know it all” while the working people? Enough for control in the case of Social Justice “enough for the revolution.” Guess whose dumb idea that is?
Liberation by control. Fun.
If you see there is a fine line between Marxism and neoliberalism because neoliberals are capitalists who don’t realize they have been influenced by Marxist and post Marxist theory. That’s dangerous when you don’t realize your influences. Sorta like...
My belief is we should educate people by giving everyone the information and letting people decide. That’s called Democracy.
If you go to an “elite school” you learn a lot of theory that average people cannot handle themselves so they need a degree of control.
Especially black people and Latino people. Read up on Oscar Lewis one of the fathers of sociology. Ever hear a leftist say culture of poverty? Think that sounds racist?
Congrats. You get a cupcake. A racist came up with that term.
Oscar Lewis “studied” brown people, like Latinos and then inserted a bunch of made up stuff about brown people having sex all the time, hence poverty being perpetuated by poor people who fuck too much. This book is the “study” of Puerto Rican people.
Guess who was a student of racist sociologist Oscar Lewis at Columbia University? You guessed it! Frances Fox Piven, the architect of all the hairbrained ideas coming from AOCs mouth with zero understanding of historical context. Life is funny when you have some history ?
Do all these ideas relate? No. They have no connection unless...
A consultant who LEARNED these things makes connections or what is properly called a specious connection.
AOC is not inherently dumb she is the product of a university system that no longer has a core curriculum, teaches ideas as coming out of history and also presents a historical context.
The new left that was revived in the 1990s did away with this. Cause why?
For a rich kid at a university that is realized as “I don’t wanna take that class! Don’t tell me to read Sartre!”
How do you stop reading Sartre, Hume anything to do with the construct of Western Civilzation? Yell racist! No core curriculum by white men!
Not so ironically if you go to an Ivy or U of Chicago the first two years are:
Core curriculum.
This is sort of the opposite of rules for thee not for me.
It’s I know the rules so I will tell them to thee but I don’t have to follow them, I know them.
So rich kids have one education system the poor have another - with it getting progressively more dumbed down as colleges cater more to first generation students - all in the name of helping the poor. Really.
I am a huge critic of this, always have been. It’s classist.
Paulo Freire was as well. He saw the poor having the same education as the rich and it leading to the poor being able to liberate themselves, not through an intellectual led revolution like Lenin -a vanguard leading the proletariat - but the poor person leading herself.
I believe this cause I lived it and it’s one of the philosophies of adoption. adopt a kid, keep them in touch with a birth parent, don’t interfere but give them a great education so they can use it to solve the circumstance that led to their adoption, for me, an addict mom.
Most of the kids adopted this way are super fucked up and addicts themselves. It’s their own fault because they didn’t want to take advantage of what they had before them and they had social formations.
Social formation is self esteem, what your peers think of you. It’s the idea that makes us want to be celebrities.
Self concept is task completion identity. I wrote a song, that song is who I am.
I am the latter and today that is called conservative.
Another irony..
The inventor of self esteem is Ayn Rand. “I feel like Atlas so I will be Atlas.” Honey, not how it works. Learn punctuation first.
So to all the SJW Marxists going on about self care?
Congratulations, you’re a right wing libertarian.
Self esteem is proven to be trash.
Again, my point being is that when you know these things, you are able to sort out the world and also don’t feel controlled by events around you or a bad circumstance. You also see that the world is run by random ideas not a cohesive theoretical model or a model that works.
And guess who added to this idea of controlling viruses who worked at IBM? Yep, Bill Gates, the man who made a computer system plagued by viruses. It’s why some of you are like “um, is he making the vaccine?”
Never Allow A Good Crisis to Go To Waste is a favorite saying of Rahm Emanuel and it’s the idea that we can build utopian systems organically out of a crisis - IF WE FIRST - apply pressure. To the new left this was “left fascism”. https://books.google.com/books/about/Never_Allow_A_Crisis_To_Go_To_Waste.html?id=BHTQM0Q0NXMC
Cancel culture is part of that. It comes from the idea of a Maoist purge, punishing and exiling someone so they correct their behavior. Communist work camps come from that too.
Twitter outrage is nothing but monetized Maoism with disgraced celebrities.
Post-Marxism or the New Left which believed in infiltrating the system to work like a virus, has ended up lumping these unrelated things together without being aware of it. That’s why life can feel like a matrix of multiple simulations. It’s more like a soup.
The elite are not smarter, they had access to schools that gave them opportunities in a rubric of institutions which “make the world run.” At one time, conservatives were at the center of that so Marxists displaced them. There is no one elite. It’s a bunch of clubs.
When you aren’t let into the club, well, it feels like you are being subjected to fascism especially if the member of the club doesn’t admit their privilege like Whitmer who grew up in a really rich part of Grand Rapids the East Side. She acts like she’s the lumpen.
But to deflect criticism Whitmer knows she can yell “racist” and get the media to yell it as well.
This is just a person who had little privilege, maybe had a single mom, went to work after high school trying to make sense of what she feels is totalitarian.
People who don’t have “an expensive education” as the Beast so beautifully put it, use what they have to describe their thoughts and ideas and when they don’t have a job FEAR.
When I am scared I can’t exactly pull all this book learnin’ out of my ass.
I don’t agree with either side, I understand the underpinnings of both. I am also not going to be a spoiled brat and call a person who makes an hourly wage a Nazi. There is no correlation and there motivation is fear of starvation, not hatred of liberals or “powerful women.”
Again, Simulacra and Simulation which is about how the media - looks real life but it’s not - gives us a false reality. Baudrilliard was a Marxist, this was his prediction of late capitalism with media at the center, propping up the simulation in front of a crumbling system.
Cool Memories is a later book about how our memories are constructed by a mix of pop culture and our education and none of it is related. The media mines popular “memories” - data mining on Twitter - and hands back a reality to us.
Adam Curtis whose documentaries are banned from being aired or streamed in the US, is a big fan of Baurillard as far as media critique and also, his entire history of documentaries for the BBC are about how we got here and how it’s random AF.

Curtis is also someone who does not like so called post-modernism. The idea that we are after history and meaning or truth is simply not true. Neoliberals are also nihilists - no meaning, no truth, no God, no altruism we just gotta make a system.
Another person took these ideas coming out of France in the 60s, Anton LeVey. Satanism in the way he puts it is nihilism. Life is empty, no meaning, no truth fill it with pleasure.
Hence this is where you get the satanic references in the work of Marina Abtomovic and why neoliberals like Podesta “eat it up.” Pun intended.
To a Christian, Satanic symbolism is still satanic symbolism. It influences the psychology for some for others it is real and so, even if they don’t believe Marina Abromovic is a Satanist, it’s still satanic.
Also notice that during a neoliberal pandemic simulation, Marina Abromovic comes to the public attention. Why? Our brains, especially when we do not know what is going on, make sense of things and then put together the things that make sense. Conspiracies are rationalizations
For me, I got conspiratorial about AOC playing Animal Crossing and “visiting” fans.
This is a literal simulation inside a simulation which was wild. https://www.teenvogue.com/story/alexandria-ocasio-cortez-animal-crossing
Baudrilliard explained that eventually we would all be lazy shitheads consuming media all day while the capitalists made money off of pretend money - derivatives - a simulation inside a simulation detached from reality.
With a congresswoman watching our simulation.
Life is not Animal Crossing so the simulation is not working, it is falling apart. Why? Cause people do their own thing.
There are important events that work counter to the simulation (which Baudrilliard would say was the revolution) that becomes important events, sites.
Connect this to old school revolution and it’s the worker breaking out of the simulation. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/07/us/dallas-salon-owner-shelley-luther.html
But in this case it’s Republicans being the revolutionary and the left being “sit down go back in the simulation, you are being racist.”
I want to feed my kids reminds me of Bolshevik women.
It sounds heroic because it has a historical heroic context we can’t place.
The debate in the media is linked to all this source material and is used in creating our partisan narratives cause people in the media think they are smarter than you.
What’s fun about the work of Baudrilliard (who is largely maligned In academia in the United States) is its not just theory, it’s like he had a crystal ball. I read this in the 90s and was like “that’s weird. No work and watching media while Wall Street makes money?” Nah.
I met Jean Baudrilliard at an academic conference in Philly. It was a big deal because an academic has to fight to be an expert on his work. He writes in a noded fashion (like this Twitter thread) so he’s dismissed as being fun and kooky.
Zizek is the person who took these ideas and ran with them. Notice how the European leftist starts by saying “how can we use this moment, this fear the elites have to our advantage”. Not “we need to bunker up and not pay rent. Stay safe.”
Zizek would say ownership of an idea - left or right - is capitalist bullshit meant to make money off it rather than to let the people use it. Both protest sets are revolutionary. The media does not want us to associate.
I won’t get into it much but I think the way Trump talks is based on this theoretical underpinning. That a revolutionary idea can shift.
This school of thinking also said before capitalism collapses, the capitalists will use the language of revolution for their own gain.
So why does it seem like that?
For one, capitalism is about adopting things and making money and Trump is not dumb. His way of thinking and acting is informed by people who are paid to write speeches and they study this stuff I talk about in communications theory. That’s why I love watching Trump.
Trump basically makes a certain segment of the elite scared and he uses that to his advantage. They look for the Nazi, the traitor, the rapist, it’s not there and he yells “FAKE NEWS” which is saying the same thing as these intellectuals in two words.
Here is Zizek talking about how the elite media reads between the lines of things where there is nothing.
The left is not cheering Notorious RBG for saying on Thursday “yep, helping undocumented immigrants is a felony. Stop with party politics in legal arguments.”
Because she’s an old Jewish leftists who ain’t got no time.
Trump knows things will get back to that.
Globalism was also a simulation of sorts. “Let’s replace Jim O’Malley who makes 15 an hour with Jose Ochoa for 8 an hour and then, Jose will be replaced by a two year old in Vietnam for 6 grains of rice. Let’s see how Jim and Jose do.”
Jose was smart he joined a drug cartel.
Remember that shit about how with factories gone and boring white collar work in factories gone we were all gonna be ARTISTS? Bohemians.
This is a real idea. The New York Times sold it every day.
Things happen by a bunch of random chances colliding. We can’t be afraid we have to look the black swan in the face and eat it for dinner or let it live in our backyard.
We are at the end of consultants with 10,000 ideas from random places - many from the sources in this thread - running things. I know because I am part of the former consultants saying “get rid of it.”
The Who said we won’t get fooled again but we do cause people don’t know the source material.
“Trump AND AOC use the same Marxist theory? What? That sounds racist!”
Go look it up.
“That sounds racist too. Are you calling me fat?”
I say that have spent my whole life trying to explain my ideas as they come from concrete reading and listening to intellectuals but always, somehow, I am racist because other black people won’t understand.
This book started out as a 1966 paper by Frances Fox Piven called...
Get ready...
Can Poor People Be Organized?

I don’t know @AOC CAN THEY?
Maybe they can only work at McDonald’s.

So this reflex for yelling racism goes very deep when you are saying what I want to say.
In this pandemic scenario working people are feeling organized to not work and it’s upsetting to them. It’s also upsetting because we are not told the reasons behind decisions.
This is a list of some of the reasons and arguments against it. It’s not super organized. I just feel it’s unfair and cruel people who are good honest salon owners get lied to by people with a fancy education.

It’s oppression. So here are some of the ideas.
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