A thread on Georgia and its governor @BrianKempGA handling of the great and calamitous #coronavirus shutdown, which is already the absolute dumbest management decision in American history -- and growing more moronic by the day.
First, some context. Georgia is more densely-populated than Texas. It's also more densely-populated than three of the primary virus hot spots -- Washington, Louisiana, and Michigan.
16 days ago, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp became the national poster-child for reopening, mainly out of criticism. Trashed as a death merchant by Democrat Media and undermined as reckless by @realDonaldTrump, the data is in after a full 14-day viral incubation period.
Yesterday, Georgia had its fewest hospitalizations since April 8th, and its lowest need for ventilators since the pandemic began (and still has almost 2k available). Recall the original rationale for the shutdowns was to save the healthcare system from being overrun.
The Bill Gates IHME model Fauci-Birx have enslaved this country to predicted on April 27th that Georgia shouldn't reopen until June 28th. It originally predicted in March that Georgia would need 8,196 hospital beds on April 23rd, the day before Kemp reopened.
The actual number of those hospitalized on that date was 4,154 -- and more than half of those were just in Fulton county. Georgia has 159 counties.
The IHME model also originally predicted that April 21st would be Georgia's peak death day, with 137 deaths from coronavirus on that day. 24 people actually ended up dying that day instead. 50 people die of heart disease per day in Georgia every year, according to CDC.
And again, lest anyone continuing using this as an excuse, the IHME model was factoring ideal social distancing achieved by May 31st into its original modeling. Kemp didn't even announce a shelter-in-place until April 2nd. After IHME's original model was published.
This virus is the defining political moment of this era. It's bigger than even 9/11. It has forced everyone to show their true colors and true motivations, for better or for worse. We now know where everyone really stands, or doesn't.
I don't know Brian Kemp, but here's what I do know. He and a few other governors had the stones to call BS on maybe the worst management decision ever. And he did it with even the president of his own party throwing him under the bus, from the White House, feeding the frenzy.
When looking for future prospects to represent us, I'm going to be looking first at who did what and when with this calamitous and moronic shutdown.
Who needed prodding? Whose instincts told them to be skeptical? Who panicked and who didn't? Who was timid, and who was prudently bold? Because if you didn't stand up here, you can't be counted on to defend my way of life with the next crisis conjured by the spirit of the age.
I have no idea if Brian Kemp plans on running for president in 2024. But if he does, when he comes to my native first in the nation caucus state, I'm definitely going to want to get to know him.
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