A short thread discrimination :

Malegaon town has 2 assembly constituencies. Malegaon Central has predominantly Muslim population while Malegaon Outer has Hindus in majority. Incidentally, both the constituencies are part of Dhule Parliamentary constituency.
Dr. @DrSubhashMoS is the sitting MP from Dhule. He was Minister of State for Defence for 3 years in Modi-1 govt. Currently he's VP of State BJP. He's one of the finest cancer surgeon in North Maharashtra. Widely respected for his public service. By all. Hindus & Muslims, equally.
As you are aware, Malegaon has high number of COVID19 positive cases. Till y'day - 515. The medical infrastructure at Malegaon is insufficient for this spike. Administration wanted to shift some patients to the nearby Nashik & Dhule. Both places, fortunately, have few cases.
It is widely reported that - Nashik Mayor, 3 MLAs & MP Dhule - all BJP - all opposed the move to shift COVID19 positive cases from Malegaon to their respective cities. Probably, to prevent the spread in their cities. Expectedly, it enraged people from Malegaon Taluka.
In the wake of the outrage, the MP Dr. Bhamre issued a video statement where he said -
1. He did NOT oppose shifting of COVID19 positive patients from Malegaon Outer to Dhule. His resistance is only against shifting of Malegaon Central patients.
2. The infections were brought to Malegaon Central people by Tablighi jamaat.

2. He demanded military to be deployed at the beginning of April.

3. Malegaon Central people, due to their special habits & way of life defy police.

4. Every Malegaon Outer citizen is his family
The moot question is - can & should - an elected MP discriminate against one set of people solely due to the religion they practice ?

What of the oath he's been administered ?

Is this not a violation of Constitutional principles?
The video message that I received on WA is more than 6 minutes long & hence, cannot be uploaded on @Twitter . And, probably, everyone with a smartphone in Malegaon & Dhule has it.

Even o/w the Hon'ble MP wouldn't deny the authenticity of the video message.
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