The Madagascan Herbal Treatment for Corona Virus will not work

The Scientists from Isreal to China working on a vaccine are not stupid

They know why they said a Vaccine will be ready next year

if this is the hill African Nations want to die on

We deserve to be disrespected..
Scientists working on a vaccine need to test, you don't rush it.

The drugs we Africans take for Malaria went through a testing phase.

Africa will rather approve something that hasn't been tested.

Then wonder why we contribute only 6% to global trade.
When you expect African Leaders to care about Economic collaboration.

They do nothing and blame the white man.

When you expect them to shut up and follow globally recognised standards.

That's when they get hard for collaboration and embarass the whole continent.
The world does not care if you murdered people 100 years ago

Or enslaved Africans during colonialism

What the world cares about is Value, & value that is globally competitive

No nation outside Africa has ordered that nonsense herbal stuff

Later we complain we are not rated..
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