You add salt to white rice
Add it to everything
You use all the seasoning in your noodles pack
Even add salt to dodo before you fry


I hope you know that excess salt can lead to hypertension and Africans are more at risk?

Better save money for new kidneys and heart
You don't need more than a teaspoon full of salt in a whole day, in all your meals!

kidneys have trouble keeping up with excess sodium in the blood. As it accumulates, the body holds onto water to dilute it. This increases the volume of blood in the bloodstream.
This increased blood volume means more work for the heart and more pressure on blood vessels which in turn can lead to stiff blood vessels, leading to high blood pressure, heart attacks and even strokes.

How much sodium do you need in a day?
For men and women 14 years of age and older and pregnant women, you need just 1,500mg a day to be adequate with an upper limit of 2300mg

Now turn the back of your favorite noodle pack. Look the amount of sodium in each pack. Can you see?

Overtime, this hurts you.
Turn the back of your favorite snack. Companies have been mandated to state how much is in their foods, so there's no cheating here.

You need to make the right health choices.
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