7 things we learned about #Covid19SA this weekend from @DrZweliMkhize and @alanwinde [A thread].
1. The positivity rate (% of + tests of the total nr of tests) of #CoronaVirusinSA tests in Western Cape is higher than the national average. (Nat rate = 3.4% for the past 2 weeks; WC = hard to work out, prov doesn't regularly release the nr of tests done). Map from @media_hack.
2. The Western Cape has about 10 hot spots. Most of them are in the Cape Town metro (Tygerberg, Khayelitsha, Mitchells Plain, Klipfontein) and Witzenberg in the Cape Winelands metro. You can view all the hotspots on the WC dashboard. https://bit.ly/3fwmtAK 
3. @alanwinde is looking at asking companies to stagger the salaries of workers, so that everyone doesn’t get paid on the same day in the same area — to prevent large numbers of people from going to the shops and bank on the same day.
4. @DrZweliMkhize says we will soon see different #lockdownSA levels for different areas. Those wards with a low risk of transmission will have lower levels than areas with a high proportion of #Covid19SA cases.
5. SA’s #Covid19SA SA mortality rate of 2% is in keeping with global global trends, and so is the gender distribution and the % of people on ventilators who survive/die. These @media_hack graphs show the total deaths and deaths by province.
6. The health department is running low on #Covid19SA funds. @DrZweliMkhize will therefore request more money from treasury. He'll also allocate more docs + nurses to WC and get private hospitals to help with public hospital cases. WC also needs more quarantine facilities.
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