This #leopard with a snare cutting into its flesh & bones was camera trapped on 24 Mar in Rajak, #Surhi Range, core of Achanakmar #TigerReserve #Chhattisgarh Also caught in a camtrap were #poachers 1/n
#WildlifeCrime @ntca_india@bhupeshbaghel
⁩ ⁦ @CG_Police @WCCBHQ

4 villagers armed with bows,arrows. 2nd May: Surhi Ranger Sandeep Singh went with staff & #dog squad to Niwaskhar Village. Weapons—bows, arrows, wire trap etc with blood found, accused arrested 2/n
@ntca_india @WCCBHQ @bhupeshbaghel @WCCBHQ

As they were leaving #forest staff-including lady #ForestGuards were gheraoed by villagers,kept hostage for hours,harassed,humiliated,RFO, deputy #ranger,guards were beaten badly, sustained injuries, hospitalized. watch esp18,45 &1:34 seconds 3/n
@ntca_india @bhupeshbaghel

A FIR was filed for thrashing #government staff on duty, tho major political pressure by local MLA-who instigated villagers. Next day, 4th May Police team who went to village was also soundly beaten up & case was registered against involved villagers 4/n
Meanwhile, the accused in the #leopard poaching case-hunted in core of #TigerReserve roam free, those caught on camera with weapons roam free. #forestStaff is beaten, humiliated, demotivated. Senior #Chhattisgarh #forest officials must act @ChhattisgarhCMO please intervene 5/n
Achanakmar has grt potential,is contiguous to #kanha #TigerReserve but is poorly protected,managed. v low tiger density. it can be your flagship #TigerReserve@bhupeshbaghel-it has the potential. Personally intervene @ChhattisgarhCMO @ntca_india
⁩ is my humble request⁩ 6/n
#Chhattisgarh doesn't have #tiger cell Special Tiger Protection force #encroachment in reserves an issue,as is insurgency #Road thru #Achanakmar TR. but what is the biggest ailment is poor protection, lackadaisical attitude. Req to take this urgently, turn Achcanakmar arnd 7/n
the tiger pic was of the net. here is another #tiger pic from #Achanakmar #TigerReserve
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