Aik #ErtugrulGhazi nay resistance ko chutiya bana diya, this is a thread on the collective clowns from PPP, PTM, Naya Daur, Daawndus, Canadian Pricks and a noonie legal clown. Starting things of with Khairpur ka Khachaar...
Now imagining sleights to Pakistani culture and movies all in the hate of a ‘ fictional’ Tv drama
I present to you the dumbbelle of Naya Daur...hand picked from the bottom of the barrel by RR himself
Into the mix comes another jiyala dimwit, she thinks all parts of Pakistan are like Sindh.
This is the funniest tweet because dumbelle is talking about ethics which incidentally are completely sucked out at the Naya Daur....she thinks global politics/ conflicts today revolves around exchanging cookie and having pillow fights.
This cocktail of clowns has a cherry too, to add authenticity to his irrelevant opinion he brings in an imaginary Turkish friend who represents all Turkish people obviously!
I also feel sorry for this self loathing clown, he loves to assume an opposing individuals position and then literally runs with it to reach absurd conclusions. Makers of #Ertugrulgazi still trying to find the ideological dimensions of their project!
Ladies and Gentlemen the only thing real about this clown is the Ch in his name it is a summary of what this clown is all about. Another one who assumes that a few people’s opinions hold true for the whole population
The Canadian C*nt who doesn’t have an appetite for #Ertugrulgazi but has an unlimited stamina to spew vomit all day, day after day!!
I don’t know why this one is hiding his real identity he should be proud, very popular amongst most of the world 🐖 🐷
More Canadian scum enlightening us what PTV should and should not show its Pakistan comments on Canadian TV choices.
How can any thread on resistance clowns be complete without a contribution from Sana Cruella Bucha, the snow has really damaged whatever was left of the twisted mind
ANP Fuckbois now PTM fuckbois who don’t know what to outrage over after #LaltainTabahde
The ring master himself, Waisay tou naujawan in ko bhi pasand hain Iss liye un sab kay liye Naya Daur shru kiya hai !!
The grand finale, Dawndu Rape Apologist wants to know what the PM is watching while oblivious to who his employers are assaulting....
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