1. You have to check out this thread and my embedded one as well on the Belizean Group that Sonia Sotomayor joined before being nominated for the Supreme Court.

@AggelosCapital discovered who the founder of the Grove is, Susan Schiffer Stautberg.

Elitist, secret society much? https://twitter.com/40_head/status/1259405481971314689
2. If this doesn't spell deep state, secret society, cabalist, I don't know what does! Holy crap!

"As a Westinghouse/Group W TV correspondent covering the White House and Capitol
Hill, Susan was the first woman and one of the youngest to head a Washington TV
3. "Susan then became the first TV journalist to be chosen as a White House Fellow
where she worked for both [Vice President Rockefeller] and [Secretary of State Henry

I have to admit this woman is accomplished. Look at all these major deep state companies!
4. "In her capacity as Corporate and non-profit Director, Susan has served on or created the
Advisory Boards for Ashbridge, Avis Rent-A-Car, Avon, Bank of America, Bayer
Diabetes Care Division, CIGNA, Center for Women’s Business Research, Council on Competitiveness,...
4. ...Deutsche Bank Private Wealth Management, Envision, Flexjet, Goldman Sachs, Investment New Zealand, Key Bank, Link Staffing Services, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft, Northern Trust, Northwestern Mutual, Oppenheimer Funds, PNC Advisors, Singlepoint, STRATCO, Sun Trust/AMA...
5. ...Third Age, TIGER 21, and The United Nations Office for Project Services."

She's consulted EVERYBODY!

She's the founder of the very elite, all-female secret society Belizean Grove...her answer to the all-male Bohemian Grove in Northern California.

6. The woman's resume reads like a hand picked, heavily directed orchestrated career.

In all my years of reading and researching, I've never heard of the Belizean Grove or Susan Schiffer Stautberg. Now I have!

The more you dig the more you learn!

God bless,


- End
7. I wonder if any of these women have connections TO NXIVM? It would be exactly the type of hunting grounds Keith Raniere and his sex trafficking gang would target.
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