Topic: The chicken crossed the road to get corn.

Andrew Tate: In what car? I'll bet 10k dollars that it wasn't crossing in a lambo. Dork Rooster. If he wants to cross the road to Romania ... let him fight me & Tristan. We'll barbeque that bitch in our penthouse bitch.
Coltybrah: Why do dweebs always care about what chickens do? Go ahead and woof down ur Cheetos. Bet that chicken ain't even from California. Probably living in Nebraska ... no sea, no MMA. Life just keeps getting worse for wagie chickens doesn't it?
Ed Latimore: Crackhead chickens always have the best road crossing ethic. Cars or not doesn't matter ... they get theirs. They tend to drink coffee so black Obama will say " If I had a son he'd look like that chicken"

Be nice to your neighbors people.
AJAC: Gentlemen, I'm sick and tired of the notion that chicken are crossing the road for food. The  real reason is that they're sick of the homeless & degeneracy in America.

Roosters wouldn't do half the lame shit they do if they worked on my Spartan Rooster Alpha program.
Jay Gatz: Two lame pimps, a ballerina and an e-commerce blondie try to tell Roosters how to live life lmaoo. WTF is up with these fags? Get urself a strawberry blonde Carolina chick. The original " Road Crossing"
DEJARU22: Schizophrenic Roosters are always the most manipulative. They MAKE YOU THINK that they're crossing the road. What they're really doing is taking over the WORLD!!! How does that mayk u feel?
Wallstreet Playboys: Haha like we always say ... don't look at what non millionaires do. Lames. That rooster predicted crypto was going to the fucking moon back in 2015. Your life ur money.
Rivelino: I have no problems with chicken crossing the road. My problem is when Roosters lean into the grass. Walk straight chick! Your ultimate  goal of crossing the road matters more than the approval of whatever CO2 recycling organic matter next to u. You are the prize.
Fateh Singh: Chicken has  - no principles
- no meaningfuk relationships and - no cause to die for

Yet it wants to cross the road? For what reason? To fill it's degenerate belly. No way to live.

God help it!!
LifeMathMoney: Being a broke Rooster who can't even support itself on this side of the road with ambitions for a better life is cope. Quit alcohol, cut out losers and make moves. Time is running out. Tik Tok
Bronze Age Pervert: Rooster cross road to show and flex avian nationalism muscle for gay prius driver Sanders fan in Huntington Beach, California.

Pietro Boselli!!!
Sol Brah: Roosters thrive better on Alfalfa, extra virgin olive oil, lentils and glycine. 8.5 seconds after doing the "cockatoo" every chicken has to supplement with Citruline Malate if it wants to successfully cross the road.
Illimitable Man: Female chicken lay eggs so they can manipulate Roosters into not crossing the road. Those eggs might not even be that specific Rooster' s. Roosters will stay to take care of the eggs & bitches will run around doing whatever they wants.

Tell your baby Roosters.
Quintus Curtius: Chickens have been revered as high character animals by the ancient Egyptians, Hittites and Babylonians.

Nowadays they're fat, cowardly and cower to the worst avian species

What happened to courage? What happens to honor?

We need real oldschool Roostership
Damian Prosalendis: The chicken never slept on a second hand mattress like I did. It never made 4k a day just for netflix and chill money. Has it ever been in a fight? I'm a Greek God!!!

Alcibiades would be ashamed if I even talked about a chicken.

My FOREX course explains
Bobby Dino: 10 years in PRISON!! What I learned is whether a Rooster wants to cross the road or not ... they can't do it unless they're tough and know how to defend themselves

The chicken needs to go on Twitter & meet some amazing people like I did before even daring to cross
Michael Mason;

Chickens crossed the road even before the smoking ban.

What they do nowadays is eat a plate of soy with two guys named...

Kriss Cross and Roe D. and swoop even more fags for a gangbang.

Nobody talks about this.
DK: Half these black chickens ain't even real dawgs.

They play team sports in HS maybe and then get played by reguar thots.

Can't cross the road. Can't get corn, then complain about the glass ceiling.

Can't even pipe dem chix and make 'em lay eggs without simping
Ellobo Savaje: Miyamoto Hiroshima says "when u see a chicken crossing, image a bear"


Train ur body, brain, soul & blood to never let that chicken cross without ur permission.

Whenever u come, scoop it up with ur hands, put in ur mouth swallow.

sgkdonplay : How u doin' brothers? Had 6 eggs and 3 eggs whites for breakfast.

Is that genocide?

Literally Hitler for now so gotta talk about some alpha Maaaanewwsphwre dudes.


PS: I'm a handsome rich ex-yugo frat boy from ASU larping as a self made awwtrepreuner.
Rational Male (Rolo): Chickens. They'll like u. They'll love u. They'll marry u. But once u cross the road ... hypergamy doesn't care

The chicken will mate with ur best friend at the coop.

She will humiliate u and then tell the farmer it's all ur fault.

Roosh: So ... chicken wants to cross the road but Christians have to stay behind?

It's all part of the conspiracy to humiliate white men & have transgender black liberals take over the establishment

I'm moving to a monastery in Armenia & praying for all of u dealing with this
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