Every bathroom should be split into two sections, with the shower/tub and toilet behind separate doors with the sink outside.

Having it all combined is an incredibly stupid waste of space and function.
Also, laundry rooms are a fucking scam. Just put a small washer and dryer in your kitchen next to your dishwasher. Boom. You just saved a whole fucking room.
Carpet?? Never. No. Not a square inch. Sealed wood floors everywhere except the bathrooms and kitchen, which should be tiled with drains in the floors.
Bathtubs built into the wall?? What are you, a fucking moron??

All bathtubs should be standalone so they are easier to clean and replaceable if need be.
Every bedroom should have a wall bed or bunk beds. Anything else is a massive waste of space.
If at all possible, every house should have geothermal HVAC and water heating, as well as solar power
Always get double-paned, Internet gas-filled windows of you can afford them. They keep your house much warmer.

Also, invest in better insulation or pay for additional insulation to be blown in.
And what the fuck are you doing, leaving an attic crawl space unused??? That’s free real estate, dumbass!
If you have a monocultured lawn, you are cosplaying at being an 18th century aristocrat, as well as a fool of the highest caliber
If you can afford it, invest in water atomizers for your showers and sinks! They are just as functional, but can reduce water usage by up to 70/80%
all toilets should have bidets and be as water efficient as possible.
If you have a pool, it should be a natura pool that is a combination of a swimming pool and a pond
You can (and imo should) add a faux brick facade to the outside and inside of your house. It makes the house look great and many faux brick facades are insulated!
Consider an aluminum roof. They are more expensive, but they last for DECADES and they are much more environmentally friendly and energy efficient than tar shingle roofs.
If you don’t know what to do with your yard, grow milkweed! It helps restore critical migration routed for monarch butterflies, which are insanely beautiful.
Induction stoves. They’re efficient, quick, and easy to clean!!
Whenever possible, get high-efficiency appliances to save electricity.
Install skylights in every room. It will help your house feel more open and will help you to feel less cooped up and depressed in the winter.
Get deep kitchen sinks. It’s a small thing, but it will make your life easier.
Do research on effective lighting. There are few things that make as much of a difference as effective lighting, and it’s not expensive to do it right.

And be sure to use high-efficient LED bulbs.
Buy a robot vacuum that sweeps, mops, and sterilizes your floors. If you have wood and tile floors, it will save you a TON of time cleaning.
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