Pernah tak korang punya Rosa Glow rasa mcm takda apa2 effect? I been there and nak share something with you guys. A thread.
So i dah pakai rosa glow ni lama dah. Dah 3 botol yang 120ml punya and now pakai trial size pulak. Ada ha review dalam thread ni boleh baca kalau nak
So yg i nak cerita is...i dah pakai lama rosa glow ni smpai start rasa mcm takda effect(?). I mean yes my skin still glowing tapi parut i tak hilang dah pun and i feel like it's not doing much anymore. Saddened by this fact i mcm frust la benda ni rm 89 okay ko jgn main2 sjsgs
Pastu i dm la @hannabunnyb and she suggested to hold dulu. Stop using for now. Okay so i followed this trick. I stopped using RGTE for like 3 weeks i think and start pakai yg trial size pulak..
Time i start guna tu i tuang atas cotton pad and wipe kat muka. I rasa mcm and after some time, to my surprise takda effect jugak!! Dah suku botol habis ha so i pelik. Frust sbb i suka gila essence ni 😭
So lepas tu i ubah cara guna i dab pakai tangan pulak, this time guna 2 layers AM and PM and FINALLY!!! Nampak effect wey! My skin is a lot more glowy and parut jerawat yg kecik around my chin semua almost completely gone! Lega sis whew
So in conclusion kalau u rasa your RGTE isn't doing much:
1. Give it a break. Maybe your skin dah temporarily stop reacting to the ingredients in the essence
2. Change the way you use it in ur routine. For me i start guna 2 layers baru nampak effect. Mungkin u guna terlalu sikit
3. Pair it with a hydrating routine. Your brightening essences/serums work BEST when your skin is hydrated and skin barrier is in good condition. Pair rosa glow dgn sheet mask >>>>>>>
4. Be patient! (I'm impatient too tapi sabar ok benda brightening ni bukan overnight)
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