Himanshi & Karma!

When I first heard the news by Khabris that Himanshi was coming as a wild card, I literally prayed to God to make it not happen. I was quite upset when she came & kind of took over everything which Sane held dear. During that week, nearly everybody had
turned against Sana & Color's Insta comments were filled with hate against her. Salman too humiliated her that WKV as the channel had wanted to stir up another fight among them for the sake of TRP.
Let me tell you something, it was all pre-planned. The reason the creative team
had chosen Sana was because of her controversy with Himanshi. They had thought that she was someone with an aggressive personality who would stir up even more drama inside the BB house. Sana was supposed to be the evil witch of the season & Himanshi was supposed to be later
brought in as the victim. This is the script that the channel had tried to stick to during the WKV of post-Himanshi's entry.
But one thing which I like about BB is that no one, I repeat no one can hide their true personalities & it comes out one way or the other. Himanshi, who
had come to belittle Sana became the victim of her own scheme while Sana earned the love & respect of millions.
So as they say, beware cuz Karma is a B*tch!
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