What's next?

Will we arrest women because they deny to flatshare with men?

Will we arrest vegetarians who won't accept meat-eating tenant?

Jains are a minority

They have the right to protect & safeguard their faith like other religions

Freedom of Choice is not discrimination
Such is the extent of slaughter nuisance by Jaahil community that owners and housing societies in Mumbai had to reach court

Will I be arrested in India if I don't rent my flat to such kinds?

Food is sacred for many communities in India, why punish them for observing traditions?
Is it discrimination even if the act violated the right to the free exercise of religious faith?

I hope the Chennai Bakery owner takes a lesson from the Colorado Baker and pursues this matter in the Supreme Court
Will @chennaipolice_ also arrest Chennai based "Halal India" and all Halal shop owners in #TamiNadu under the same legal provisions that they have used against the Jain baker?

Will @CMOTamilNadu follow the law or Muslim appeasement?
Here in the EU, most countries have a full or partial ban on #Halal slaughtering

When will India learn and #BanHalal?

#Halal certification mandates slaughtering by only Muslims and discriminates against non-Muslims
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