Out of 14 abattoirs slaughtering animals in Mumbai 11 are Jains. Only 3 are Muslims and one of the largest Beef Exporters to Gulf is a non Muslim, Jain which is named Al Kabeer. #BoycottAlkabir
Modi saying lot of his Jain friends are involved in Beef and Meat business #BoycottJain
Jain owned @TimesNow had unleashed a Islamophobic fake news campaign against Muslims called Nikah Halala. #Islamophobiainindia #islamophobia_in_india #RadicalIndianMedia #persecution_of_indian_muslims #exposeJaincriminals https://twitter.com/timesnow/status/1018490438561382400?s=21 https://twitter.com/timesnow/status/1018490438561382400
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