"I think I have this disease."

"How do I get the test?"

"How do I treat it?"

"My test came back negative; why do I still feel so bad?"

"How did I get this?"

"I just lost my job."

"My family doesn't believe me."
"Do I need to wear a mask when I shop for groceries?"

"Have any of you had X symptom?"

"Can I pass it to my children?"

"Can I die from this?"

"I'm scared."

I'm used to seeing these phrases multiple times a day.

But I didn't just start seeing them. I have seen these posts for years in private online chronic disease groups.

We're all we have.
We're all we always have.
Because we have no other choice.
Now #Covid_19 is illiciting the same comments, reactions & questions.

I would say that now you know what it's like to live with a #ChronicDisease, but you don't.

Because after the #Pandemic ends you will stop asking these questions, saying these things -- but we will continue.
When the pandemic ends we will still be sick, as we always are and were before.

But, now you can sample what it's like to face a disease no one knows the answers to, with more questions and guesses than proven facts.
Now you can sample what it means to turn to your community for help when you don't know what to do.

Now you can sample what it's like to question every symptom, live in constant fear of your body, and worry about others going through exactly what you are.
Now you can sample & see & absorb the life folks like me live every day, pandemic or not.

When this pandemic ends, remember that those same questions, comments & reactions will live on behind the scenes as part of the continuation of normal life for much of us.

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