200510 Wendy Lysn

Fan: Seulgyeonie (Seulgi unnie) cheer up, you have us, unnie cheer up, we are here 💛💛I love you💛💛

Wendy: That’s right, there’s us, Seulgyeonie 💛💙 cheer up, I love you, we love you 💛💙
Fan: Seungwan unniee please take a look at this once ㅋㅋㅋ last year, unnie’s short hair was so pretty, some channel on YouTube saw unnie’s hair and said they got the short hair illness❤️

Wendy: oowahhh that’s fascinatingggggg, I’m thankful ㅠㅠㅠ I’m also embarrasseddheheheh-
-웬dy, I am 웬dy

T/N: on the screenshot, the YouTuber had the caption’웬dy short hair..!!!’
Fan: The weather is gloomy ㅠ Seungwan unnie what are you doing

Wendy: Yea, is it because it rained yesterdayyyy, on days such as this, listen to music and healing ~
Fan: I feel this every time I go into insta, Seungwannie’s insta profile picture is so pretty 😭😭

Wendy: The rain stopped and a rainbow appeared, so I took it cause it’s so pretty >_< I also edited it a liiiiiitle
Fan: I’m listening to unnies’ songs and you guys really have honey voices! What are unnies doing?

Wendy: I’m also listening to music while thinking of you
Fan: Unnie how can you just swoop in like this? You swoop into my heart in a flash, I think there’s going to be trouble in it 🥺

Wendy: Since I caused the trouble, I will take responsibility
Fan: What song are you listening to???

Wendy: Now?? Eyes on you by Ed Patrick
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