What even is a neobank? How do they operate? Who are the neobank players in India? Can they succeed in the country? My first piece exploring the consumer banking space in India. https://hind.substack.com/p/can-neobanks-succeed-in-india @anmolm_
A lot has changed in India’s financial landscape since 2014. The country has moved for solving for a large *unbanked* population to solving for a largely *underbanked* population. Can neobanks play a role here? https://hind.substack.com/p/can-neobanks-succeed-in-india
. @theniyo @Yelobank @TheJupiterApp @InstantPayBank @payzello @WalrusPay are some of the start-ups attempting to change the way banking is done in India. The newsletter explores some of the challenges they will have to confront. https://hind.substack.com/p/can-neobanks-succeed-in-india
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