China's aggression amid a pandemic: The India-China skirmish near the Himalayan pass of Naku La — which left several soldiers on both sides injured — has come as Chinese coast guard ships, for a second day in a row, intrude into the waters of Japanese-controlled Senkaku Islands.
Naku La is a 5,259-meter-high pass in India's Sikkim state along the border with Tibet. The Sikkim-Tibet border surfaced as a dispute in 1965 when China threatened "consequences." In 1967, a military clash at the separate Nathu La Pass killed 340 Chinese, 88 Indians, as per India
Through aggressive actions, China may be seeking to remind its neighbors that they could face further trouble by siding with the West in supporting an inquiry into the origins and spread of the coronavirus. The forthcoming WHO assembly meeting will see a push for such an inquiry.
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