1/4 Someone posted something and it made me think. Why do we do this? Spend months, even years writing screenplays that may be read by peers if we're lucky, could get a read request from the industry if we're really lucky and for sure there's no buyer waiting. So why do we write-
screenplays? We clack away on keyboards, trying to put those images in our head on the page. It's not easy and the world is brutal. The odds are long. Self doubt gremlins crawl around in our noggin. We torture ourselves over contests & fellowships. Agonizing when we hit that-
submit button. So why do we do it. Fame? Fortune? Hell to get paid at all seems impossible some days. For me it's a choice I made to chase my dreams. To write what stirs my soul and if I'm insanely lucky it leaps off the page and touches a reader emotionally. Everything else-
is gravy. No matter why you write, do it! Believe in yourself and your work. No script is for everybody. Find your audience. You're a storyteller and the world is a better place because of it. Now go write that batshit crazy thing that no one else can. Hollywood we're coming. Guy
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