➳ 190310 ttts season 1 workshop #3 ✧

— compilation of fantaken previews ༊*·˚
just "only the two of us can relate" things
gentle tharn & bad bitch type
when you smile, sun shines ✨
🤨 // ☺️
best boys 🥺✊
mew was looking for the name written on gulf's cup hehe babies ☺️
back when they still take selfies on the phones of the fans since our family is just starting to grow that time 😭
what's he so cute for 😛
gulf is never not pretty ✋
ʷᶦᵖᵉ ʷᶦᵖᵉ
ˢʰᵃᶦ ᵏᵘᵇ
"can you pose for me?"
so happy with the shirts given to him 🥺
they were so extra in posing for the fans 🤧
taking selfies on one phone at a time love how gulf put his hand on mew's shoulder 🥺
the way he went from type to gulf right after he looked at mew 🤧
m: i don't understand chinese
g: hehe thank you for support and ummm wo ai ni!

this must be one of the reasons why they took chinese lessons and now they have big fanbase in china already 🥺💖
bonus: gulf wiping his sweats hehe

—end of thread ✨

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