1/ it’s been about a week since I last posted a thread analyzing Oregon’s case numbers

I’ve collated my Oregon data threads, along w my other #COVID19 related #tweetorials about #periopmedicine , into this twitter moment: https://twitter.com/i/moments/1259256397444681729
2/ I’ve expressed hopeful optimism in past data-analysis threads about how Oregon appears to be successfully flattening the curve or that we entered a plateau

alas, I am less optimistic based on the last week’s worth of data

As the figures will show, cases are not decreasing…
3/ in this thread, I also want to highlight the patterns that continue to emerge in terms of racial and socioeconomic disparities with COVID-19 cases in Oregon

I’ll also post more local-level reporting, as there has been some excellent journalism
4/ I’m always looking for new sources & found this website today

They also give our data quality grades—info here:
A+ data quality for Oregon!

5/ We also learned this week that most cases in Oregon can be traced to spread through New York, NOT our neighboring state to the North
6/ so let’s talk total numbers

Oregon crossed the 3000 case mark this week
127 deaths

@OHAOregon now includes presumptive cases in daily tallies

Hospitalizations are down, but cases remain plateaued to increasing daily...

7/ in terms of what is being reported...

today: 79 confirmed new cases, 13 presumptive
5/8: 75 confirmed, 5 presumptive
5/7: 70 confirmed, 3 presumptive
5/6: 70 confirmed, 7 presumptive
5/5: 72 confirmed, 8 presumptive
10/ These counties are rural, though some include larger population centers, like Deschutes County (Bend) and Lane County (Eugene, home to UofO)

Some counties have zero cases but have small total N (Lake population ~8000, Wheeler < 1500, Gilliam <2000)
11/ however some rural counties are also seeing a big jump in cases...

Source: http://91-divoc.com/pages/covid-by-your-locations/
15/ 29% of cases are Hispanic patients, despite only being about 13% of state population. This is up from 27% a couple of weeks ago

To pull forward striking paragraphs from the PDX monthly article I just linked to...
20/ @wweek has a beautiful and poignant series on the human stories of our experiences with covid-19 https://www.wweek.com/distant-voices/ 
21/ Finally, let’s end on some positive or “only in Oregon” news

first, VOTE BY MAIL is actively happening!
24/ I also think @OHAOregon tips for a safe Mothers Day in yesterday’s email was really thoughtful

(As was their acknowledgement that Mother’s Day can be difficult for some)
in summary...

🦠this isn’t over yet
🦠Oregon’s #StayHomeSaveLives has done just that and protected healthcare resources
🦠starting phased “re-opening” of the economy in Oregon is being done cautiously and steadily
🦠racial and socioeconomicdisparities persist
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