guys i miss this tag cause i slept early but i really wanna talk about it. it means “p mew if daddy doesn’t mean dad then what is it?” and his answer was “maybe it’s fan” and fan in thai can also mean (gf/bf/lover) 😭 then he blushed so much.

and the reason i wanna talk about it is because this is huge for me cause it came from mew. before yesterday when the cameras were rolling he said if they’re not phi nong what r they and his answer was close friends but now?! when he was just teased by the crew he said FAN
and i’m just really really happy to hear this idk for ya’ll but whenever it is mew who confidently tease us about their relationship it hits differently. maybe because he doesn’t often say it and he’s private about it most of the time.
and i’m really happy that little by little mew is opening up to us. he trusts us so much guys. i’m so happy mew found someone who genuinely makes him happy, who returns everything that mew gives to him. i’m really just happy knowing mew’s heart is in the right place.
and here is the video guys

op: phi mew “if father doesn’t mean daddy then what is it kha?”
mew: maybe it’s fan (can also be mean gf/bf)


you know guys i wanna talk about something that i’ve been keeping for awhile, before when i look at mew’s photos no matter how gorgeous he looks his eyes always looks like he’s on the verge of crying and i can’t bear myself to look how sad his eyes were back then.
but right now mew’s eyes shine and nobody can deny he is happy from the inside. that he glows more and more each time i see him. i wish that smile will never leave his face and that eyes will never know sadness again. keep shinning my beautiful boy.
and the reason is right now there’s someone who makes him laugh the way he never laughed before. who welcomes his touches and who reciprocates his feelings. i just love the way he laughs when he’s with the person he loves.
eventhough right now i know you can’t say alot of things i just wanna say i appreciate the things you decide to let us know.and that i admire your bravery to try again.when i look at you i’m reminded that there are things that needs courage and u became my inspiration once again.
going back i guess what i really wanted to say is that i’m happy for the both of you. i know good things takes time and we will wait for you guys. right now i’m happy to hear “maybe it means fan” from mew cause i know how much thought he put into it before he said it.
and i keep thinking why did mew said it then and not when they were live and i came to a realization that its because he loves us, waanjais, so much that he trusts us with it. we love you too so if we love we must protect and we will protect the love that you two have.
cause i know mew the lenghts you go through to protect the love that you have i want you to know you’re not alone and will never be alone we will support you and we will protect you just like how you guys protected your love.
i’m really happy with just how much things change these days. thank you for making us part your journey and thank you for letting us experience this love that’s so beautiful and pure and i want you to know no matter what happens waanjais will stay with you.

cr: to photo owner
guys there’s so many things i want to say but i’ll end it here. this thread is my personal thread because i was just so happy when i saw mew’s video. thank u so much to everyone who liked it


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