South Korea is having to re-institute #StayAtHome measures because ONE 29-year-old who had the virus went to three night clubs this weekend, resulting in them having to trace 1500 people.

#ItOnlyTakesOne https://twitter.com/kakape/status/1259076314939691008
2/11 70-year-old preacher Baldev Singh returned from Italy & refused to self-quarantine.

He died, 14 members of his family tested positive, & 40,000 people from 20 villages had to be quarantined after he attended a major festival.

#ItOnlyTakesOne https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-52061915
4/11 'Super Spreader' Events Increase COVID-19 Cases.

There are cases in Chicago, New York, and other locations of super spreaders infecting their families and friends.


https://wb.md/34qMA72  from @WebMD
8/11 Trump treated Katie Miller's infection like a personal failing, noting she was a "wonderful young woman", had "tested good for a very long time", & "tested positive out of the blue."

In other words, he's making excuses for how somebody good could get this.

9/11 Trump used the "fact" that Katie Miller tested positive "out of the blue" as a reason he doesn't believe in testing before returning to his favorite talking point: "it will just go away."

Remember when it "all went" away before?

10/11 Watch it all put together.


When that one is the president, the consequences are truly disastrous.

#StayAtHome #WhereAreTheTests #WhereIsThePPE #TrumpOwnsEveryDeath
11/11 For those who prefer music with their disaster circus.

#ItOnlyTakesOne #StayAtHome #WhereAreTheTests #WhereIsThePPE #TrumpOwnsEveryDeath
2/3 https://twitter.com/JoyceWhiteVance/status/1259319225497325580
3/3 https://twitter.com/jimsciutto/status/1259258585873354757
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