also i’m gonna get cancelled by the rinis but sue me.
Nini and Ricky should absolutely NOT play the Belle and the Beast. And I’ll do a thread to explain why. 😇
number 1- they played the leads. it is UNFAIR to put two people who just had leads that FALL as the leads in the SPRING. theater is about giving people chances and going out of ur comfort zone. and okay- “nini and ricky have the best voices they deserve it”. no. just stop.
the point of this show is to make EVERYONE feel included. you might as well make this the nini and ricky show if ur just going to have them play the leads over and over and over again. everyone deserves a chance. everyone is talented. everyone has an amazing voice.
number 2- it’s completely unrealistic. this NEVER happens in high school, i promise u. i’ve been to SO MANY high school shows year after year and guess what? the person who played the lead played a supporting role. trust me. the director NEVER does this.
number 4- they don’t have the “best” voices. IM NOT SAYING THEIR VOICES ARE NOT GOOD. THEY ARE SO GOOD. AMAZING. But so are Joe’s, Frankie’s, Dara’s, and Julia’s, who all played basically side characters even tho they were in the main characters. i assure u if i give them a
(continued) chance they will blow u away. u got SO much of nini and ricky’s voices which is why u like them so much. u got used to them. i get it, they’re the main characters, but we saw gina sing- twice?
that’s all from me. if i think of more, i will definitely share. love u guys, stay positive. also, i meant no hate towards the show or cast, i love them all, and i want all their talent to be appreciated. thanks for tuning in to my ted talk ✌️💞 u guys r the best
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