he *needs* his bitch to sink down and take all of him with each thrust.

“There you fucking go,” he snarls, “You’re so fucking tight, you’re perfect.” Bakugou nods and weakly pushes back against him, weakly tightens around him despite his exhaustion.
“Gonna… Gonna come in me, Master?” he breathes out, and Kirishima slides his tongue out, laps at his face and his tears to soothe him.
“Yeah, I am,” he grunts in his ear, loud just enough to be heard over the wet sounds of their joined fluids gushing out of Bakugou’s holes, while Kirishima bounces him on his thick length.
And truth be told, it doesn’t take much longer for Kirishima to spill his load into Bakugou- their bodies are now in tune with each other, so it’s no surprise that Bakugou’s walls tighten just the way he likes, until Kirishima’s balls are drawing up tight,
until his claws are digging painful nail bites into his thighs; until Kirishima is snarling loudly next to Bakugou’s ear, sending a painful shiver down his exhausted spine.
Bakugou is ecstatic- he’s never felt fuller than this, before. His Master’s dick keeps stabbing his insides, which are probably bruised by now, but he doesn’t care. He’s finally being stuffed full, to the point of overflow.
He moans as loudly as his dry throat allows, wishing he could keep all that hot spunk inside himself for a little longer. Kirishima sheathes his dick inside him completely, and he’s nothing more than a cum dump as he takes splurt after splurt of delicious demonic seed.
Finally, after several minutes, Kirishima eases both of them down on his bed, but doesn’t pull out just yet. He tends to Bakugou, licks his marks and lets him wiggle his ass against his softening dick just a bit more, letting him enjoy himself while murmuring sweet nothings.
His stomach is swollen, a little pouch having formed above Bakugou’s pubes. Kirishima groans at the sight, running his large hand over it.

“You weren’t half bad, I think you earned your release, too,” Kirishima says as he unslots himself from Bakugou’s body.
A significant amount of cum splashes out, ropes of thick spunk tainting the expensive covers beneath his ass. Ah, whatever. They were already ruined with Bakugou’s slick and their sweat, anyway.
Bakugou groans his agreement, evidently sore. He’s shaking like a leaf, his body in urgent need of release and respite. Hell yeah it’s about time he comes! He spreads his legs, turning his heavy gaze towards his Master expectantly.
“Ah, p-please…” Bakugou pants. Holy shit, is he in need of some eating ou-

Kirishima shakes his head, smiling down at him. “You’ll do it yourself. I gave you permission, but on one condition.”

Bakugou narrows his eyes, mouth slightly agape. “What?”
Unceremoniously, Kirishima throws the end part of the leash at him. “Use this.”

Bakugou splutters, shaking his head in confusion, anger, but most of all disbelief. He sits up slowly, grabbing onto the leash. “What- How am I supposed to-”
“Use your imagination,” Kirishima shrugs, moving to lay down on the centre of the bed. “If you put on a good show, I might even help you out,” he smirks.

Bakugou blanches. His pussy is throbbing and his dick is in serious need to be rubbed. What a fucking piece of shit demon.
“So, not only I must to be your rut toy, I’m your entertainer too?”

“Pretty much, yeah.” Kirishima replies with a shit-eating grin.

Bakugou growls, and painfully, oh so fucking painfully, crawls his way over Kirishima.

He’s gonna fuckin’ show him.
“This is fucking humiliating,” he snarls, but still slides his collar around, so that the leash is running down between his pecs, against his abs. He hooks it between his legs, right through his folds, somewhat careful to not hurt his bean, and between his asscheeks.
He keeps it in a firm grasp, and tentatively, he pulls at it once he’s thrown it over his shoulder.

He grunts, inhaling harshly through his nose. Fuck- the friction is too much for his abused body. But still, he must persevere.
Once hes sure the whole setting can work, he musters all his strength to throw one of his legs over Kirishimas neck, so that his pussy is right in front of his face. The bigger demon growls in approval, leisurely running his gaze from Bakugou’s heated face to his throbbing pussy.
He also moves his hand, placing them on Bakugou’s ass to spread his asscheeks for him and give him a bit more stability.

Bakugou takes a moment to just… Breathe.
He wants to plant his sweaty pubes right on Kirishima’s mouth and force him to clean him out and suck his soul out of his dick, but he doubts the fucker would allow it. He still clenches at the thought, though.
With a slow pull, Bakugou begins to rock against the leash that envelops his body. He starts out slow, testing the waters. He builds up a pace, switching between letting the leash do the job, and keeping the leash tense, moving his hips against it instead.
It’s only a matter of minutes before he’s dripping again, panting harshly while the slide becomes easier, and a trickle of slick and cum drips down on Kirishima’s cheek. He seems unfazed by what’s going right above him, but his hands clutching Bakugou’s ass tell another story,
so Bakugou throws in the neediest, most slutty moans he can manage to lie him up further. He thinks back to how it felt like to have a *horse dick* in his ass, and he clenches hard.
“You felt… So good before, Master,” he moans, looking down at Kirishima. He reaches down with one hand, holding once again onto Kirishima’s horn for purchase. Kirishima huffs, but his visible pupil is more dilated than before. So he likes dirty talk, huh?
“I loved having your cock impaling me,” he murmurs, giving more purposeful thrusts on the leash, “Too bad I couldn’t taste it. I wanna taste it so bad Master, you’re so, so cruel to me.”
Kirishima growls, and when Bakugou dips his hips a little too close to his face, he whiffs at his soaked pubes.

“You wanna taste me, Master?” Bakugou coos, and Kirishima smirks easily, but otherwise doesn’t reply. Bakugou takes it as his chance though, and loosens the leash+
to rub it against his owner’s lips. Immediately, Kirishima’s tongue darts out, and without a word, he takes hold of Bakugou’s hips with his hands, forcing him down on his face.

Bakugou yelps, because after today, that tongue will haunt him even in his dreams.
He laughs deliriously when it slips inside his loose ass, cleaning his insides completely.

“Fuck! Fuck yeah Master! Shit- shit yeah, ohh,” he happily arches back, letting go of the leash and grasping Kirishima’s horns tightly to not tumble over.
Oh fuckfuckfuck-

“Tell me to fucking come already!” he screams loudly, snapping his tiny succubus fangs.
Kirishima’s tongue slides out of him, and with a quick, mirthful glance, he briefly suckles Bakugou’s bean before roaring, “Soak my fuckin’ face, Katsuki!” and sticking his long tongue out.

The result is immediate.
It’s like a dam broke.
Bakugou’s chest heaves, and he’s alternating before screaming and whining keenly, each new shock of electricity tensing his shaky legs.
He slouches forward to the point of curling around Kirishima’s head, between his horns, but Kirishima’s hands circle his hips and keep him aligned with his mouth.
“Fuck!” he sobs, a new tide of tears spilling from his eyes while another strong squirt splashes against his moaning Master’s lips. He doesn’t know if he’s allowed to say it, but…

“Jesus fucking Christ- Kirishima!”
“Bringing the big guys into this, huh?” Kirishima barely chuckles, but it’s so off-handed, that Bakugou might as well have imagined it.
Kirishima’s lips fully latch onto his pussy then, and he drinks the juices straight from the source, like the thirsty man he is. He gulps down mouthfuls of slick, and tiredly, Bakugou wonders where the hell all those fluids are coming from.
He slowly comes down from it all, and before he passes out, the last thing he registers is Kirishima’s hands massaging his back and thighs.
When Bakugou wakes up again, he’s in the same bed he saw last time. He frowns at nothing in particular, immediately touching his neck to see if he’s still wearing a collar. Seems like he isn’t.
He rolls to the side, wincing a bit. The room is illuminated by the moonlight coming from the windows, and if he cranes his neck, he can see the stars outside. How long as he been asleep?
On the bedside table, a pitcher of cool water sits next to an empty glass. Next to it, a folded letter reads, ‘Katsuki.’ Hm?

With a sigh, Bakugou sits up, and notices that aside from the initial discomfort, he feels… Better than ever. Huh.
Without a hurry, he fills and refills his glass, drinking half of the small pitcher. He then dries his hands against the fresh covers on his lap and opens the letter.
‘My dear Imperial Topaz,
I’m sorry I won’t be by your side when you wake up. As much as I’d like to spend more time with my new concubine, I have duties to attend to.
I trust, however, that you took enough energy from me to last you until we can finally meet again, and to that, I look forward.

I would have preferred to explain what I'm about to write in person, but a letter must do.
You are a man of few words and many actions, so I shall be brief.

From now on, your body belongs in full to me, and you won’t be required to collect energy from humans and their like.
You are, however, free to feed yourself however you please, but your blessing and your curse, is that only I shall bring you to completeness. Such are the conditions of receiving a noble’s mark, instead of a common tattoo.
This also implies that your body will only accommodate my girth, therefore, in case you’d like to have sexual intercourse with another creature, you might want to choose them wisely. But I trust your judgment.
Hopefully, I’ll be back right after dinner is usually served. Until then, as the humans say,
-Marquiss Eijirou K.’
😈 The End 😈
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