How can you "stay alert" against an "invisible mugger"?
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Under UK Health & Safety Regulations:

RED =“prohibition”, “danger alarm” & instructs on “dangerous behaviour / stop / shutdown”.

YELLOW = warning.

GREEN = information about escapes, first aid. “No danger.” #COVID19uk #coronavirusuk #Covid
#COVID19 #coronavirus
“What does #StayAlert mean? Unless you’re comatose or sleeping then you’re alert.” Professor @SusanMichie
#COVID19 #coronavirus
On Thursday, media claimed an easing of lockdown.

“This wasn’t a single leak by a single newspaper. It was carried by all newspapers which suggests central
leaking & central ‘trailing’ of news to come. I think the general acceptance is that this was govt leaking.” @SusanMichie
These two ex-tabloid editors know how the govt brief the media.

@davidyelland asks “who briefed the papers?” & called for an investigation.

@piersmorgan called it out three days ago saying it was “staggeringly confusing message”.

But this has been the govt’s method all along.
Steve Baker’s tweet last week offers a clue to the govt’s strategy which seems to be one of deliberately sewing confusion though shifting messages, leaked briefings & the creation of controversies: a method pioneered by Putin.

This #THREAD explores this👇
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