3. Bush Sr serving as Special Envoy to China stood out. Had keen interest in Presidential Daily Briefings (PDB) as DCI, Reagan's VP, & Pres. To manipulate intel? Before 9-11/DNI created, DCI > top intel Chief.

Fmr spooks mostly Ds:
4. Valeroe Plame says her job w/CIA was to "prevent rogue states & terrorists fm getting nuclear weapons." That's her cover story anyway. Says she has "a few scores to settle" w/POTUS. Wonder what's in her closet.
5. Combing next drop w/#4178. 99% ABC orgs = Patriots/1% = Clowns. Anon added 4 "BOOMs" to Q's post & 2nd anon strongly disagreed. Q replied "splinter cells" (black ops/sleepers fm CIA) infiltrate ABC orgs. They don't count.

"Splinter Cell" video game:
6. This makes me think of a conversation I had earlier today with fellow Patriots about helping shine a spotlight on other Patriots to help amplify their voices. This AM @RepublicSaving had 400+ followers & with fellow patriots RTing his tweets, he now has 5000+ new followers!
7. Listening to this traitor, you can tell he's panicking & projecting big time.
Says there's "no precedent" re: dismissing perjury charges but he forgot(?) about his own AG, Holder doing just that in front of same judge (Sullivan). https://jonathanturley.org/2020/05/09/president-obama-declares-there-is-no-precedent-that-anybody-can-find-for-the-flynn-motion-he-may-want-to-call-eric-holder/
8. Schumer: vote by mail "will be a very important part of the legislation that we’re going to put forward, and we are going to fight like the devil for it.” Interesting choice of words. We know many of them worship Satan.

Virus released for this purpose.
9. I pray the truth comes out re: how Ds were involved in unleashing the virus to try to steal the 2020 election. HRC is licking her nasty chops at the thought of being Pres. RNC has launched Protect the Vote to counter Dem efforts.
10. COVID-19 not contagious enough to warrant months-long lockdowns in China (origin). Tells me it isn't as contagious as MSM/W.H.O. are making it out to be. This is a coordinated attack on our Republic by Ds to steal 2020 election.
11. China trade deal signed, impeachment articles delivered, & 1st case of COVID arrived in US all on 15 Jan '20. No coincidence. They knew impeachment wouldn't pass in Senate. China & Dems' Plan B = COVID-19. They OWN Biden completely. HRC too. Must win.
12. The irony of calling QAnon a conspiracy while EVERYTHING they've been spewing 24/7/365 is pure conspiracy/hoax is rich. Get rid of Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012!
Nice work, @FascistTwatter!
13. Frightening and so very accurate. They are treating "1984" as their "How-To Guide" for complete control over our lives.

This is reality in China today.

Coming to America...unless we stop it. Stop voting for Dems! #WalkAway
14. What a beautiful sight! Americans are uniting against TYRANNY. Damn right, I'll stand. Retired 20 years ago, but my oath has no expiration date.
https://www.army.mil/values/oath.html https://twitter.com/HYVEE7/status/1258849083168403456
15. I was creeped out initially so decided to look for full video for context. Not a fan, but he's reminding kids tomorrow is Mother's Day and encouraging them to do something special for them & make them feel loved. Video cued up:

16. Q shout-out to Patriots in Serbia! #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE
17. These Hitler parodies are funny but this one is frighteningly close to reality. In Part 1 of this version, Hitler is mad the COVID plan isn't working, POTUS' approval is at an all time high & Pelosi is worthless.

"When [GS] calls, D's always answer."
18. Part 2 of the Hitler parody. Hitler admits defeat. Can't believe they "ran a socialist". "Trump will win in a landslide."

YOU BETCHA! #Trump2020

You can make your own version here:

19. Turley counters Dems claiming FBI followed “standard practices" and states it was a "clear and flagrant violation of both Brady and the orders of Judge Emmet Sullivan. These violations are also being dismissed by media and so-called legal "experts". 

21. Q spreading the love to Patriots worldwide. #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE

Port St. Lucie, FL
New York City
NW Arkansas
Huntington Beach, CA ( @pappyG45 tagged!). Love the song playing!
23. More Q Patriot shout-outs! #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE

Las Vegas, NV (cool location!)
Las Vegas, NV (cute little Frenchi!)
Newport Beach, CA (2nd Q today for @pappyG45!)
24. @JesseBWatters: "These people are evil & they're sick."

"AG Bill Barr has just been given a trove of smoking gun documents that could point directly at former President Barack Obama."
25. Looks like we have names of those who'll be indicted for the offenses listed. [CLASS 1-99] = unspecified # of classified persons/topics. [F] = Foreign. Not sure if some playing roles acc to script. Trying to prevent prosecution. Trying to protect themselves & puppet masters.
26. The answer to questions at the end of previous drop (#25 this thread) was answered on 2 May. This is all about regaining POWER.
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