I haven’t yet taken the time to check out the video. My proposal is that I create a thread of the version of the Kemetic Creation Story that I know (tomorrow) as the first step & we can take it from there 😉 https://twitter.com/don_violis/status/1246853361221144584
Our creation story begins with the mother&father of the Ntr Naunet&Nun who are the Primeval Waters: notice how you were BAPTIZED in the holy water of your mother’s womb before you took your 1st breath.On that note #HappyMothersDay to all Afrikan Queens in whom lies eternal life.
Pic: Ptah & his wife Sekhmet. Ptah is said to have ORDAINED life to all the Neteru and their KAs by his HEART & TONGUE(compare with Jeremiah 1:5 when Jehovah tells Jeremiah “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew(HEART) thee” & continues speaking about how he ORDAINED him...
...Ptah’s role is still the more FEMININE energy of CONCEPTION first by the HEART and “out of the abundance of the heart” his TONGUE spoke things into BEING. This HEART & TONGUE concept is also seen LATER in the Torah Creation story in the book of Genesis...
Ptah’s teeth & lips are then equated with the semen(seed, words are seeds) and hands of Atum, the instruments through which ATUM☀️(from where the Western world got the word ATOM & ADAM from) brought creation into being. MIND OVER MATTER(Nun then Ptah).
Atum having absorbed the THOUGHT and creative power of Ptah (the primeval Hill who arose from the primeval ocean & primeval matter; Nun & Naunet) proceeds with the work of Creation by PROJECTING from his BODY(Eve made from the rib of Adam 👀) the 4 pairs of the Ntr...
As seen in this story for every male Ntr there’s a female counterpart because that’s the LAW OF CREATION; Primeval Opposites. As a law of Creation it continues till this day, it’s violation spells Extinction. TRIAD spells Extension, Eternal Life.
The Afrikan Creation Story though a myth is the SOURCE of 2 important scientific hypotheses today: 1) There are 8 major planets 🪐2) The Nebular hypothesis soppiest the ancient Afrikan concept of the Sun ☀️(ATUM/Atom/Adam) as the parent of the other planets. Asé 🙌🏿
@Don_Violis check it out and let me know if you find differences between this and the story narrated on the YouTube video (haven’t watched it yet.
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