Not amused by @sudhirchaudhary. This is how RSS has survived doing guerrilla attack on Muslims for last 73 years. They attack & retreat & pretend to be sweet. Then return & attack. They come back to say Ramzan Mubarak & return with more riots. This terror need to stop forever
Muslims need more maturity. This hate monger @sudhirchaudhary used his media tried to defame 200 million Indian Muslims & are we supposed to laugh & say AllahuAkbar because he said few good words & forget that he slandered Muslims, created hatred against them & was adamant on it
I see lot of hate mongers in Middle East who say, they’ll convert to Islam after being caught with abusing Islam. I will slap them even harder for trying to covert to Islam after abusing. Never be impressed with such snakes. They’ll come back to bite you again. Stop being naive
Fake WhatsApp of Amit Shah doing rounds of him wishing muslims Ramadan Mubarak. Videos of Modi praising Islam viral & muslims say. “Subhaballah”. Seriously? Thodi Akal hai ki nahi? When’ll you stop celebrating such petty things. Never forget your enemies they’ll return to attack
Maybe true but there’s nothing to celebrate. Hindu majority has an appetite for #Islamophobia. TV channels made millions selling hate. If anyone thinks RSS that tasted power by killing Muslims & its foot soldiers in media are going to change are delusional
It makes me super angry when I see Muslims laugh & get amused by some superficial show by RSS for foot soldier like Sudhir Chaudhary or Amish Devgan. These people are war criminals & responsible for death, beatings & boycotts. They should be in prison off the streets. Not a Joke
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